Playing mind games is a great way of exercising our minds. Are you looking for some brain games to play in 2023?

Mind games– Maze Challenge; One of the best brain games to play in 2023

We all love playing games. May it be an action game, simulation games, or puzzle games, playing them is always a fun way of spending our free time. Playing games is simply the best pastime. But sometimes playing games does much more than just passing time. There are several brain games available on Play Store that you can play for free and exercise your mind.

Playing mind games has several advantages for your brain. They could help you improve your memory, reasoning skills and much more. So, if you are looking forward to exercising and training your mind this year in a fun way, then we’ve got you!

Here are the top 6 brain games you should consider playing in 2023:

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles- One of the most interesting brain games to play in 2023

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is one of the best brain games available out there that you can play for free.

As the name suggests, Brain Test Tricky Puzzles is an exciting game that has several tricky puzzle games and unique riddles. By playing this game, you will be forced to challenge your mind and think of new ways to solve the problem at hand.
Playing Brain Test Tricky Puzzles can be really fun and exciting way of trying to improve your creativity while solving various puzzles and riddles.

You can download Brain test : Tricky Puzzles here.

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Unblock Me- One of the classic brain games to play in 2023

Unblock Me is one of the most popular mind games that you should play in 2023. This mind game is one of the classic games that never gets old and boring.

As the name suggests, Unblock me is a puzzle game. In this game, you have to move around complicated slides or blocks in order to unblock or free the desired block. Unblock me is one of the most exciting and challenging brain games that will force you to think and find ways to solve the various puzzles.

You can download Unblock Me here.

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3D Chess Game- One of the best brain games to play for improving your IQ

Chess is one of the best mind games present out there. 3D Chess Game is a great mobile version of the game that allows you to improve your brainpower or IQ.

3D Chess game is a realistic 3D model of the chess game with great animations and sound effects. You can choose to play from 25 different levels in this game.
The best part about 3D Chess Game is that you can easily customize your chess board which makes playing more fun. 3D Chess game is definitely one of the must play brain games out there.

You can download 3D Chess Game here.

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Flow Free

Flow Free is another great game in the list of the top mind games to play in 2023. It is a simple, colorful and a captivating brain game that will make you want to keep on playing.

The gameplay of Flow Free easy! All you need to do is connect dots of similar colors with pipe. You will have to pair and connect all of the colors with a pipe to solve the puzzles in Flow Free.
Sounds easy right? As much as this game sounds easy to play, connecting all the dots without overlapping or crossing each other in a given time period is going to get tougher with every progressing level.

You can download Flow Free here.

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Wordscapes is one of the top brain games available to play in 2023. It is an interesting video puzzle game that can help you sharpen your mind.

As the name suggests, Wordscapes is a word game. You have to connect several letters available in order to form words in this word puzzle game. You can form as many words as possible with the combination of letter provided to fill the crossword and thus solve the puzzle.

As you play the game, you can enjoy the beautiful background scenery of your choice as well as the relaxing sound effects or music in the game. Playing Wordscapes can tremendously increase your English vocabulary and sharpen your mind.

You can download Wordscapes here

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Maze Challenge

Maze Challenge is another great game in the list of the top mind games you should play in 2023. As you can already guess from its name, you have to solve various maze puzzles in this mind game.

You have to solve the maze puzzle within the given time limit in this game. There are several levels in this puzzle game which get tougher as you advance. You can play Maze Challenge on your own or even in the multiplayer mode.

You can download Maze Challenge here.

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