Are you one of those people who loves to spend Christmas watching Christmas movies on Netflix?

Christmas is one of the most awaited times of the year. With Christmas comes the season of joy! Everyone loves holidays. And everyone loves binge watching their favorite shows and movies during the holidays even more!

Christmas with you- One of the latest Christmas movies on Netflix

Christmas not only brings snow, and happiness along with it. It also brings many great Christmas movies along with it. Many best Christmas movies release every year. And if enjoying them while munching on your favorite snacks while laying on your couch is your things, this blog is definitely for you.

With hundreds and hundreds of movies releasing every year. There are many Christmas movies on Netflix. So, you can get confused about what to watch during the holidays. We have got you covered to make sure you do not waste half of your holiday wondering which movie to watch this Christmas.

We have brought together a list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix for you to binge watch this holiday season. Here are the 5 best Christmas movies on Netflix that you should watch this Christmas:

Falling For Christmas-

Falling for Christmas is one of the latest Christmas movies on Netflix that released on November 10 . Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, and many other actors appear in the movie. Janeen Damian is the director of this romantic Christmas movie.

Falling for Christmas is one of those movies that is just perfect for watching during the holiday season. We already know that Lindsay Lohan and holiday movies hardly go wrong. So, you should definitely consider watching this new addition to the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

Falling for Christmas- One of the best Christmas Movies

Falling for Christmas tells the tale of a wealthy and spoiled heiress. Isn’t this already starting to sound like a plot fit for Christmas? So, the spoiled heiress, i.e. Lindsay has lost all of her memories as a result of an accident.

And right around Christmas, she winds up knocking on a stranger’s door. This gentleman who opens the door to the heiress is a widower who shares a home with his daughter. But, he is not really appropriate for the heiress.

Watch Falling for Christmas on Netflix to see how things go on between the rich heiress and the not so appropriate widower as romance blooms in the cold Christmas winter.

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Christmas With You- An new addition to the list of Christmas movies on Netflix

Are you a fan of Freddie Prinze Jr. ? If yes, the star is back with one of the best christmas movies for the holiday season.
Christmas With You released on Netflix today, i.e. 17 November 2022 and it is already a topic of discussion on the internet. Christmas with you tells the story of a pop star and a widower again!
But this one the list of Christmas movies on Netflix tells the story of a pop star and a fan girl, who happens to have a “single father”. When pop star Angelina is desperate to come up with a cheery hit, she comes across a post of her little fan.
Angelina goes on to meet her fan after she gets to know her wish of meeting the pop star. And that is when, a desperate Angelina meets a single music teacher.

As Angelina and her little fan’s father spend time with each other, they end up co-writing a song, a jolly song. Watch Christmas with you, one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix to see how the pop star finds love while coming up with a song with Michael.

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The Noel Diary

The Noel Diary is an upcoming addition to the list of Christmas movies on Netflix. It is a romantic comedy film starring Justin Hartley as the main lead.

When well-known writer Jake Turner (Justin Hartley) returns home for the Christmas holidays to resolve his divorced mother’s estate, he finds a diary that might contain information about both his own past and Rachel’s (Barrett Doss).

Rachel is a young women who is on her own quest. Watch The Noel Diary this Christmas to see how they set out on a journey to confront their pasts and uncover an unexpected future.

The Noel Diary already sounds like one of those best Christmas movies that are a perfect mix of romance, laughter and adventure.You can watch The Noel Diary on Netflix.

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Scrooge – A Christmas Carol

Scrooge a Christmas Carol is an upcoming animation movie based on the play of same name by Charles Dickens. It will release on Netflix on December 2, right before the Christmas.

The ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge’s old business partner, Jacob Marley, as well as the ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future visit him on Christmas Eve in the hopes that he may see the folly of his ways.

If you get bored of watching romantic Christmas movies, Scrooge A Christmas Carol could be give you a break from it.You can watch Scrooge- A Christmas Carol on Netflix soon.

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