Hotstar, after owned by Disney producing good quality content for its subscribers. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and other streaming channels, it is also becoming the best streaming giant, which people love to watch and subscribe to.

Along with the list of the best original TV show, it also has a good tie-up with HBO, therefore, all its latest TV shows are easily available on Hotstar. Here, we update the list of popular and best Hotstar TV Shows to watch online.

1.Billions (2016- Present)

Hotstar 2016 drama, Billions is set in the world of New York High Finance in which intelligent and ambitious hedge-fund manager of Axe Capital named Damian Lewis, use insider trading and bribery to increase his firm’s enormous wealth.

2. Deadwood (2004-2019)

Written by David Milch, the Deadwood science-fiction series set in the 19th century. The popular western TV series revolves around the historical characters of Deadwood, South Dakota and show a town of deep crime and corruption.

3. Criminal Justice (2019- Present)

Another Indian series, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia is a good mixture of action, thrill, and crime. The story shows how a cab driver (Aditya) is trapped in a murder case of a girl, who he drops last night to her home.

4. Mayanagari-City of Dreams (2019- Present)

An original Hotstar TV series “Mayanagari-City of Dreams” is an Indian series directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. The series shows how a single assassination affects the lives of many people. The City of Dream story focuses on the Gaikwad family who erupts after an assassination attempt on a polarizing political figure.

5. The Strain (2014-2017)

The Strain is a 46 episodes vampire horror drama that focuses on Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, head of CDC’s New York Canary Project. He with his team invited to investigate the biggest airplane landing in which everyone aboard is dead.

6. Watchmen (2019- Present)

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created the 1987 comic series continuation superhero drama “Watchmen” is created by Damon Lindelof. The nine-episode series center the events surrounding racial tensions in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2019.

7. Hostages (2019- Present)

Hostages is an Indian thriller web series directed by Sudhir Mishra. The story centers around a brilliant surgeon Dr. Mira Anand, who as her daily routine going to perform surgery on Chief Minister. But one night before the operation her family is taken a hostage and she is forced to kill the chief minister to save her family.

8. The Wire (2002- 2008)

The popular and best HBO show “The Wire” explores various institutions within Baltimore, Maryland. Its various seasons focus on the illegal drug trade, the local government, education, and others. It has various regular complex plots starring Dominic West, Lance Reddick, Michael Kenneth Williams, and several others.

9. On Air with AIB (2015- 2018)

On Air with AIB is an interesting Indian web series based on the theme of Tragedy Mein Comedy. In this show, a group of people performs a satirical comedy on various topics, starting from current affairs to a common observation made of all of them.

10. The Office (2019- Present)

The Office is an interesting mockumentary and Cringe comedy, created by Rajesh Devraj. The show depicts the 9 to 5 office scenario in which a boss named Jagdeep Chadda is over-friendly with their employees. He is an overly familiar boss, who cracks lame jokes to keep his employees morale high.

11. His Dark Materials (2019- Present)

Based on Philip Pullman’s novel, the series focus on a young teenage girl named Lyra Belacqua, who travels in a world just like her own; everyone there has an animal familiar known as daemons, which are a demonstration of the human soul. In the journey of finding his best friend, she uncovers various dangerous secrets.

12. Pose (2018- Present)

The pose is an interesting dance musical drama available on Hotstar to watch. The series set in 1980s New York and explores various parts of the society such as downtown social and literary scene, ball-culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe and many others.

13. Patrick Melrose (2018)

Patrick Melrose is a five-episode miniseries based on Edward St Aubyn’s semi-autobiographical novel. The series focuses on Benedict Cumberbatch, who is a wealthy Englishman, fighting multiple addictions and child abuse and neglect from the 1980s to the 2000s.