Love watching Korean movies? Here is the list of the best Korean movies on Netflix that you should watch right now!

Tune in for Love- One of the best Korean movies on Netflix to watch now

Korean content is the new trend now a days. From K-pop songs to K-dramas and Korean movies, Korean content has taken the entertainment industry around the world by storm. With Oscar winning Korean movies like Parasite, there is no doubt that Korean movies are worth watching. There are also many best Korean movies on Netflix that you would not regret watching.

Netflix has quite good collection of Korean movies. Some of the popular Korean movies among them includes Alive, 20th Century Girl, Space Sweepers, Night in Paradise and so many others.

There are just so many great Korean movies on Netflix that it can sometimes be confusing to choose which one to watch. To solve this confusion, we have listed down some of the best Korean movies on Netflix that you should consider watching now:

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Tune in for Love- One of the best Korean movies on Netflix for romance drama lovers

Tune in for Love is a romance drama Korean movie that released on 2019. This Korean movie on Netflix stars Goblin fame Kim Go Eun alongside Jung Hae In who starred in Snowdrop.

This movie on the list of the top Korean movies on Netflix is set in the 1990s. The storyline of Tune in for Love centers around the love story of Mi Soo and Hyun Woo. Mi Soo and Hyun Woo meet during their school days at a bakery which was previously owned by Mi Soo’s deceased mother.

Hyun Woo has had a sad past where had to go to the juvenile after being wrongfully accused for murder and that has always burdened him. After being released from the juvenile, Hyun Woo gives up on going to school and start working at the bakery and that is how he starts falling in love with Mi Soo.

However, things don’t sail smoothly for the young lovers. Hyun Woo has to go to the juvenile so he suddenly disappears from Mi Soo’s life. Years go by and one day, fate brings both in front of each other again.

Watch Tune in for Love on Netflix.

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Alive- One of the best Korean movies on Netflix for thriller movie lovers

Alive is one of the top thriller Korean movies on Netflix that is a must watch for all the thriller movie lovers out there. When it comes to zombie films, one of the first thing that comes to our minds is the super hit movie Train to Busan. Alive is another great Korean film that centers around zombie apocalypse.

Starring Park Shin Hye ( From Heirs, Miracle in Cell No.7, etc) and Yoo Ah In ( Chicago Typewriter, Seoul Vibe, etc), Alive is based on the script titled Alone by Matt Naylor.

The story of this zombie movie centers on a video game streamer. Oh Joon Woo must stay by himself in his Seoul apartment while the world is overrun by zombies in order to survive.

He is digitally disconnected from the world and has no way of seeking aid while he is imprisoned inside his residence. He desperately tries to find a way out. Just as he is about to lose all his hopes, he finds another survivor.

Alive is one of the best Korean movies on Netflix that will take you on a thrilling journey. Watch Alive on Netflix

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20th Century Girl

20th Century Girl is a sweet romantic melodrama film starring Kim Yoo Jung ( Love in the Moonlight) and Byeon Woo Seok (Record of Youth).

The plot of this best movies on Netflix centers around a cute and bright teenage girl, Na Bo Ra. Her best friend has a crush on a asks on a popular boy in her class and asks her to keep an eye.

However, things soon become complicated for her. Bo Ra falls in love and now has to choose between her love and friendship.

20th Century Girl is a must watch sweet story of first love and friendship set in 1999, just before the beginning of the 21st Century. Watch it on Netflix.

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Night in Paradise

Night in Paradise is one of those best Korean movies on Netflix that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Have you ever wondered how would two people who are being chased by death interact with each other?

The plot of Night in Paradise centers around a gangster who is hiding to save his life and a sick woman who has given up on her life. Park Tae Goo is a gangster whose entire family gets killed by a gang when he refuses to join them.

After taking a revenge on the gang, Tae Goo flees to Jeju Do where he meets Kim Jae Yeon, a terminally ill woman who has given up on her life. After spending some time together, they soon form a bonding. But will things take a good turn for the two with such tragic fates?

Watch on Netflix

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