It can be difficult to decide what to watch on Netflix because there are hundreds of movies to choose from and a navigation system and algorithm that don’t always make the best decision obvious. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the finest Netflix movies available now. We frequently find ourselves on the couch, ready to watch a movie with our bowl of popcorn or other munchies, but nothing seems to fit our mood. So you’re sitting there with your munchies or dinner getting cold, scrolling endlessly through one synopsis after another, trailer after trailer, trying to figure out which movie flavor pairs best with your Cheetos.

But have no fear: we have compiled a list of the best Netflix movies available in the United States. From classics to hidden treasures to new releases and beyond, we’ve combed through the library to compile a list of some of the best films now accessible for streaming. This list of the top Netflix movies is updated weekly with new titles, so check back the next time you’re looking for something to watch. On solarmovies, you may watch all of the Best Movies on Netflix.

Best Movies on Netflix


ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated dark fantasy comedy horror film released in 2012. This entertaining family film is a touch creepy, but it hails from the same studio as Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings, and it’s well worth seeing. Although the creators clearly drew inspiration from 80s classics such as The Goonies, the picture manages to keep its own personality without difficulty.

Enola Holmes 

Enola Holmes is a 2020 mystery film based on Nancy Springer’s debut book in the same-named young adult literary series. Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola Holmes, the youngest of the Holmes siblings (of Sherlock fame). She embarks on a perilous voyage to London in search of her mother, who has vanished without a trace. Henry Cavill, who plays Sherlock Holmes, also makes an appearance, and the two create quite the dynamic combo.

The Hateful Eight


Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is a 2015 American Revisionist Western film written and directed by him. Nobody feels safe around the others, and it’s clear that some of them are concealing their true identities. Expect plot twists and dramatic character interactions in pure Tarantino form, as well as his signature blood and violence. The film features a cast of very gifted actors including Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, and others.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a 2016 adventure comedy-drama film from New Zealand. The New Zealand-based film is a hidden gem that is both funny and heartbreaking. Furthermore, follows an elderly man who is forced to band up with a misbehaving child when they both become the subject of a manhunt. Their circumstances lead them to travel deep into the New Zealand bush. However, where they must battle together not only against the hunters but also against nature’s harsh powers. Furthermore, this movie is going to stream on Netflix.

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Stardust is a romantic fantasy adventure film that was released in 2007. This mystical tale follows a star who has crashed to earth in human form and is being stalked by an evil witch who wants to exploit her to extend her life. This film contains everything you need for a pleasant voyage through a magical country, including monarchy ghosts, space pirates, fairytale-worthy spells, and some very cool performances by actors in roles we never expected to see them play.

The Irishman


The Irishman is a crime drama film released in the United States in 2019. From his initial days working for the mafia to his dying days, the Irishman follows Teamster and hitman Frank Sheeran. The film stars Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, and their presence alone should entice you to watch it.

The Old Guard 


The Old Guard is a superhero film set in the year 2020. Furthermore, the Old Guard is based on the same-named comic book and follows a tiny group of immortal warriors led by Charlize Theron’s Andromache (Andy for short). She’s tired of the world and has had it with modern technology. Furthermore, which makes it more difficult for them to blend in and disappear. They soon realize that their secret has been discovered, and they must fight back if they want to keep their freedom.

The Trip


If you enjoy dark comedies, you’ll enjoy this Norwegian film. In it, a couple chooses to go to a distant cabin to try to mend their strained relationship. However, they both intend to kill each other as a means of resolving their position, but their intentions are quickly derailed when they learn that there are other things to be concerned about in the woods. This is a hilariously violent film in which Noomi Rapace, who has been shamefully underappreciated, gives yet another outstanding performance.

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The Guilty


The Guilty is a crime thriller film released in the United States in 2021. While this film is an American version of the 2018 Danish film of the same name, it differs in some ways from the source material, including the talks that take place in it. If at all feasible, I recommend watching the Danish version first, albeit I must say that the original is darker and more thought-provoking.

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