Wondering which Netflix movie to watch? We have listed down a number of best new movies on Netflix releasing this January!

Life- One of the best new movies on Netflix coming to the platform this January

Netflix is always releasing great content. It’s new year and the streaming platform is not letting us down this time around as well. Many new series and new movies on Netflix are releasing this January 2023.

With so many great shows and movies releasing on the platform, you must be wondering which Netflix movie should I watch first? If this is your concern then we have a solution for you! We have listed down some of the best new movies that will be releasing on the platform this month to make choosing what to watch easier for you.

Here is a list of the best new Netflix movies that will be coming to the popular streaming platform on January 2023:

This is 40- One of the best new movies on Netflix

This is 40 is one of those movies coming to Netflix that will make you laugh away all your worries after a long tiring day. Released in 2012, This is 40 is an American comedy romance film that tells the story of a long time married couple who are soon turning 40.

Pete has been married for many years, and now he lives with his wife Debbie and their two young girls. Right when Pete is struggling to keep his record company running, he and Debbie decide to explore a three week course of romance and sex professional successes and financial challenges, ageing parents and maturing children.

You can watch the Netflix movie here.

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Life is one of the best new movies on Netflix in sci-fi genres that is coming to the platform this January.

This sci-fi film follows the story of astronauts on board the International Space Station as they make one of the most important discoveries that will go down in history.

An International Space Station crew consisting of six members finds the first indication of otherworldly life on Mars. The crew members’ investigation reveals that the quickly developing life-form is significantly more clever and terrifying.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, Life is a hit sci-fi Netflix movie that you would not want to miss watching.

Watch Life on Netflix.

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Jerry Maguire- One of the top new movies on Netflix

Jerry Maguire is a romantic comedy Netflix movie starring Tom Cruise that you should considering watching soon. Released in 1996, Jerry Maguire tells the story of Jerry Maguire, a sports agent as he tries to run his own sports agency.

Jerry Maguire is one of the top sports agents. However, he loses his job after calling attention to unethical behavior within the system. He creates his own agency since he is adamant about standing by his beliefs, although he only has one client, a football player named Rod Tidwell.

With only a single mother, Dorothy in the management and a single client, Jerry finds it hard to run the sports agency. But as he is struggling to make his sports agency work, he falls in love with Dorothy.

You can watch the Netflix movie here

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Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks starrer Forrest Gump is a one of the best new movies on Netflix that is coming to Netflix this January. Released in the year 1994, Forrest Gump is a comedy drama film. It is based on the novel of the same name by Winston Groom, however, its plot differs substantially from the novel.

The Netflix movie follows the story of the adventures of Forrest Gump over the course of several decades in the 20th century. Forrest Gump is a kind-hearted and slow-witted guy from Alabama.

Forrest Gump has never considered himself to be underprivileged, and he lives anything but a constrained existence thanks to his loving mother. He is a truly kind hearted person who inspires others with his innocent optimism.

You can watch Forrest Gump on Netflix.

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The Conjuring

The Conjuring is one of the most popular horror movies out there and it is finally coming to Netflix this January. The popular scary thriller film released in 2013, however, its popularity has not seen any demise among the horror movie lovers.

The plot of the story revolves around Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren. Both of them are demonologists and the investigators of paranormal activities. They set out on a mission to help the Perrons and their five daughters when they experience paranormal activities in their remote farmhouse where they newly shifted to.
These paranormal activities at The Perrons’ farmhouse turn out to be truly horrifying as the story progresses. If you enjoy watching horror films, then The Conjuring is a Netflix movie that you must watch!

You can watch The Conjuring on Netflix.

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Many Netflix original films are also releasing this January that you should look forward to such as The Pale Blue Eye, Noise and many more. Apart from these, many other movies are releasing on the platform that you could enjoy watching in your free time.

You can find a list of all the new releases on Netflix here: New On Netflix- Netflix New Releases For January 2023

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