New Year’s Eve is here! And what could be a better way of spending the eve than watching the best new year’s eve movies for all the movies lovers out there.

About time- Best New Year’s Eve Movies

The year 2022 is almost at its end. Everyone is busy discussing their plans for the new year’s eve. If you are among those people who is planning to skip the parties and late night outings on the new year’s eve, a great way of welcoming the new year could be watching best new year’s eve movies while enjoying popcorn and the warmth of your home.

If you have already made up your mind to stay indoors on the new year’s eve and welcome the new year binge watching movies, we’ve got you! We have listed down some of the best new year eve movies of all time for you so that you can skip wondering about which movie to watch.

Here are the best new year’s eve movies of all time that you might consider watching as you welcome 2023:

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When Harry Met Sally- One of the best new year’s eve movies of all times

When Harry Met Sally is one of the must watch new year eve movies. It is also considered to be one of the greatest romantic comedy movies of all time.

The plot of When Harry met Sally centers around college graduates Harry Burns and Sally Albrigh. On a car ride from Chicago to New York, they have a debate about whether men and women can ever truly be exclusively platonic friends.

Year later when they meet, Harry and Sally take on a challenge or make an attempt to live together platonically. When Harry met Sally has one of the most iconic new year’s eve scenes of all times which you would not want to miss watching.

You can watch When Harry met Sally, one of the best new year eve movies on Amazon Prime.

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New Year’s Eve

As the name suggests, New Year’s Eve is one of the must watch new year eve movies. New Year’s Eve is a movie that tells the story of love, hope, second chances in life and even forgiveness. All of these are the things that we wish we could have in the upcoming year.

The story of New Year’s Eve revolves around a number of singles as well as couples whose stories gets intertwined as they set out on a search to find happiness on the new year’s eve. It is one of the best new year’s eve that you surely would not regret watching as you welcome 2023.

You can watch New Year’s Eve on Amazon Prime.

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Carol- One of the best new year’s eve movies you should watch to ring in 2023

Carol is one of the must watch new year eve movies that will take you back in time. Carol is set in the early 1950s and tells the story of a forbidden love affair between two women in New York City.

Therese Belivet and Carol Aird are the two women who are from completely opposite worlds. One Christmas they meet on the streets of New York city and fall in love with each other instantly.
The life changing love affair of the two ladies goes to the next step when they share their first kiss on one of the most romantic and awaited nights of the year at an New Year’s Eve party.

You can watch Carol on Amazon Prime.

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About Time

About Time is a great movie about love and family that you could consider watching on the new year’s eve.

This wonderful film on the list of the best new year’s eve movies depicts the tale of a young guy who discovers he has the capacity to travel across time. Naturally, he goes back to the New Year’s Eve party from the previous evening and kisses the lady he had been crushing on there.

What would you do if you had the power to go back in time? Would you go back to the new year’s eve too?

You can watch About Time on Hulu.

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Waiting to Exhale

Waiting to Exhale is hands down one of the best new year’s eve movies to watch as you welcome 2023. It is based on the bestselling book by Terry McMillan.

This new year eve movie tells the story of four friends who are yearning for true love. The movie begins and ends on the new year. You will witness the lives of the four friends as they go through the ups and downs of the life throughout the year.

One of the characters of this film on the list of the best new year eve movies gets dumped by her husband in the beginning of the year. That sure sounds like the worst ways of starting a new year right?

Waiting to Exhale is a really heart warming movie that you would not regret watching. There is so much to the movie that it is worth watching on the new year’s eve.

You can watch Waiting to Exhale on Amazon Prime.

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