Looking for some good romance anime to watch? Here are some of the best romance animes on Netflix for you!

Your name – A Romance anime: One of the best romance animes on Netflix

We all love watching cute heartwarming romance anime on Netflix. The cute romance and sweet love in romance animes can make your heart go awww every time you watch it.

The romance trope in animes are undoubtedly the best. Are you in a mood of binge watching some cute, heartwarming romance animes right now? If yes, here is a list of some of the best romance animes on Netflix you should watch in 2023:

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A Whisker Away- One of the must watch romance anime on Netflix

A Whisker Away is one of the best romance animes on Netflix that you must watch.

This fantasy romance anime on Netflix tells the story of a young girl Miyo. Miyo has a crush on her classmate named Hinode. However, her crush is one sided and she often gets rejected. Miyo still does not give up on her crush and does every possible thing to impress Hinode.
Suddenly one day, Miyo finds a mask from a strange mask seller which helps her get closer to her crush. But there is a twist! This mysterious mask lets Miyo spend time with Hinode as a cat.

A Whisker Away is a cute romance anime on Netflix that you will definitely enjoy watching.

You can watch A Whisker Away on Netflix

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Kimi ni Todoke- One of the most popular romance anime of all times

Kimi Ni Todoke or as it is called From Me To You is one of the best romance anime of all times. This romance anime on Netflix tells the story of a young girl named Sawako. Sawako is a freshman who has a hard time fitting in her new school because of her gloomy appearance.

Despite being a sweet and kind girl, Sawako is often ignored or avoided by her classmates as they fear she can see ghosts. So, she is often lonely at school. This is until an outgoing boy, Kazehaya decides to befriend her.

Everything soon changes for Sawako and she finds herself making new friends and relationships. Kimi ni todoke is undoubtedly one of the best romance animes on Netflix that you must watch in 2023.

You can watch Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You on Netflix

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Kimi No Na Wa ( Your Name)

Kimi No Na Wa or as it is called as Your Name is a heart touching romance anime that is loved by all.

This romance anime tells the story of a young girl named Mutsuha and a young boy named Taki. Both of them are high school students. Mitsuha lives in the countryside whereas Taki lives in Tokyo.

Bored of her life in the rural area, Mitsuha dreams of living in big city like Tokyo and one day her dream comes true! Mitsuha and Taki begin to swap their body mysteriously. This body swap keeps on happening many a times and so they set rules and attempt to manage each other’s life. Soon, a strong bonds develops between the two.
You can watch Kimi No Na Wa on Netflix

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Weathering With You

Weathering With You is another great romance anime to watch on Netflix. This anime tells the story of a young boy Hodako who runs away from his home. He runs away to Tokyo where he is caught on a rainy day.

Hodako meets Hina in Tokyo and soon develops a friendship with her. Hina is an orphan who possesses a peculiar power.

She has the power to change the weather by praying for it. Hina and Hodaka work together to bring back sunlight to Tokyo. However, Hina’s abilities come at a cost and could have unintended implications for the entire city.

Weathering with you is one of the best romance anime on Netflix. You can watch it here.


Toradora is another great anime on the list of the best romance animes on Netflix. It tells the story of a young high school student named Ryuji who is cursed with scary appearance.

Ryuji has an intimidating look but he is a kind and gentle person. Taiga on the other hand is a fiery girl from his school. After finding out that they have feelings for each other’s friend, Ryuji and Taiga agree to help each other.

This reluctant agreement made by the two young students soon develops into a sweet bond. Toradora is a cute and funny romance anime that you you would not regret watching.
You can watch Toradora on Netflix

Flavours of Youth

Flavors of Youth is another great anime on the list of the best animes on Netflix to watch in 2023. This anime is of three episodes. The stories of all the episodes of this anime is not connected. That means, you will be able to enjoy watching three different storylines in the same anime.

You will be able to witness stories from three different cities in China in this romance anime on Netflix. One of the stories will take you on a journey down the memory lane through a hot bowl of noodles. While the another one will tell you the tale of a fading beauty as she finds her path. The third story is that of the first love in Shangai.

Flavors of Youth is a romance anime that you will definitely not regret watching. You can watch Flavors of Youth on Netflix

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