A Teacher plays an important role in every person’s life. A teacher is a person who teaches us
good values, and ethics and helps to build our future.
We met various teachers in the journey of life. First, we met the mother who gave us birth
and took care throughout our lives. From the first step to the success ladder, she teaches and
supports every time.

Like mother, the second strict but important teacher we come along with in life is the “school
. A school teacher helps to grow and face the hurdles of life. From 26 Alphabet to
higher studies, good habits, and etiquette he/she teaches everything. A good teacher always
gives honest reviews and feedback.

So, depicting this beautiful bond of student and teacher, there are various best student-teacher
bond series available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other online streaming platforms.
To know about them, check out the list below.

Boston Public

David E. Kelley’s drama Boston Public is set in Boston and shows an imaginary public high
school named Winslow High School. The show focuses on the struggle of the teachers,
administrators, and students between their personal and professional lives. The lives of
teachers and administrators to command respect from their jaded students and fulfill all
parameters of parents.

The drama started on October 23, 2000, and completed 4 seasons to date. The best part of
David E. Kelly is, that he titles each episode as a chapter number.

Where to watch boston Public series: Fox

Perfect and Causal

A Chinese 24-episode romantic drama Perfect and Causal is the adaption of the novel “Mr.
Prefect and Miss Almost’. It is the story of two male gods Professor Zhang Si Nian and calm
student Yun Shu. Zhang is a perfect person who is famous among the people and Yun is a
simple lady surrounded by various problems.
The two mismatched persons are tied into the bond of marriage due to some avoidable
circumstances. Could this mismatch turn into a love story? Watch it on your favorite
streaming channel.

Watch Perfect and Causal now: Apple TV, Viki

Doctor John

South Korean drama “Doctor John” is inspired by the Yo Kusakabe novel “On Hand of
God”. The 16-episode medical drama story is about two doctors, Cha Yo-Han, a genius of
anesthesiology but arrogant by nature, and Kang Shi-Young, a warm resident of
Two of them are experts in pain management and come together to treat patients suffering
from mysterious pain, that others cannot help.

Where to watch Doctor John online: Netflix, Viki

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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College

Chinese romantic drama “A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College” is a top-rated
IMDB drama. The story focuses on the Grand Marshal’s only daughter Sang Qi.
Sang Qi falls in love with her late brother’s friend and deputy chief of Imperial College. She
tries all her ways to get into college and finally gets enrolled after her father begs the emperor

She is the only female student in the history of Imperial College. A love triangle between
Sang Qi, her teacher, and her childhood friend makes the 30 episodes of Romance and
Comedy is interesting and worth watching.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Viki

I am Your Teacher

Romantic and comedy-filled 16 episodes Soth Korean drama “I am Your Teacher” is inspired
by the Japanese comic series Kyokasho ni Nai!
Its story revolves around reserved and underqualified high school teacher Yang and the
troublemaker and only daughter (Yoo Eun-byul) of the gangster Yu Jae Gon. Yang and Yoo
both belong to different backgrounds and have different styles of living.
Yu wants her daughter to study but Yoo refuses to study. So, Yu Jae Gon ended up hiring
Yang is a live-in tutor of Eun-byul, in exchange for a million-dollar deal.

Where to watch I Am Your Teacher: Viki and YouTube

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