The way documentary connects with the people to someone’s life through photos, video footage, social media handles, messages, pre-recorded audio, etc. The truth hurts to watch how the person going through their tough times. 

The documentary provides the virtual connection to the people in far off times and places to experience the untold truths even with the people living nearby and closed ones. 

 But sometimes it’s inspirational, scary, sad, funny, or anywhere in between. The documentary connects us all. 

There are many channels including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, PBS, Vimeo available to watch documentaries on various genres.

If you are searching for channels and websites to watch documentaries, must look to this channel and websites to watch the amazing content. 


Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching web series and movies. There is a huge collection of documentary web series.

Netflix had over 193 million paid subscriptions worldwide, including 73 million in the United States according to the latest data estimated in April 2020.

It consists of a wide collection of documentaries on various topics including social and cultural, crime, biological, music and concert, historical, science and nature, Indian movies, Sports, etc. 

The popular and trending series released so far including Bad Boy Billionaires: India, Blackpink: Light up the sky, forensic files, The Social Dilemma, Unsolved Mysteries, Our planet, etc. The trending Indian series like Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians. There are many exciting documentary series yet to release. 

Currently, Netflix offers four subscription plans. These plans start from Rs 199 and go up to Rs 799. Choose your plans and watch your favorite documentary seamlessly. 


Hulu now becomes the home to amazing content, especially documentaries. It provides content according to the viewer’s interests and becomes one of the best streaming services to watch amazing documentaries. 

There is a broad selection of incredible and popular documentaries including Too Funny to Fail, Apollo 11, The Amazing Jonathan Documentary, Minding the Gap, Free Solo, RBG, Fyre Fraud, and Jane, etc. 

However, unless you have HuluPlus, your video viewing is interrupted up by a series of ads. Subscribe to Hulu plus with plans starting at $5.99/month and enjoys ads free content. 

The Documentary Network (On YouTube)

On YouTube, there is a channel named The Documentary Network consists of a wide collection of documentaries. 

With 162 K subscribes and uploaded 85 videos so far, this channel has millions of viewers. 

It is the leading channel of Youtube consists of videos categorized by duration with the description, rating, and video source including long documentary (30+ min), mid documentaries (11-30 min), Short documentaries (~10 min), and full-length documentary films. 

There is a collection of documentaries on various topics including sports, technology and invention, BBC documentaries, social, documentary classics, etc. Subscribe to this channel and enjoy the free content. 

Amazon Prime

There is always a competition going on between Amazon Prime and Netflix to deliver the best content according to audience interests. 

Amazon Prime also offers a wide and broad collection of incredible documentaries. The selection of documentary is picked for viewers’ interests. 

The popular documentaries one can watch on Amazon Prime including One Child Nation, Hale County, This Morning This Evening, The Witness, and Chasing Happiness about the Story of Jonas Brothers, That Sugar Film, and Rachel Hollis Presents: Made for More, etc. 

Start your prime subscription at a monthly price of Rs. 129; cancel anytime and binge-watch your favorite documentaries. 


HBO is one of the leading networks that have a long history of producing, distributing, and creating incredible documentaries. 

It comprised of incredible documentaries on various genre includes the true-crime genre Be Gone in the Dark about author Michelle McNamara’s, True Justice: Bryan Stevenson about the story of an American hero, Welcome to Chechnya about the LGBTQ citizens of the Russian republic of Chechnya Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind about the life of the actress Natalie Wood, Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered about Atlanta’s period. 

There is a broad selection of documentaries from unpredictable crime to the true story of struggling actors. Binge watches all the amazing documentaries on HBO. 


On August 4, 2020, PBS Distribution will launch PBS Documentaries, a subscription channel on Amazon’s Prime Video with 900 hours of content including Nova, Frontline, American Masters, American Experience, Nature, Independent Lens, and POV, The Dust Bowls. 

The subscription plans for $3.99 a month included with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video. 

“The art form has become so eclectic and people will have a chance to appreciate the many different approaches to documentary filmmaking,” he told Deadline. 

So, binge watches the incredible documentaries on PBS Documentaries. 


It is the online video streaming with a huge collection of about 27,000 plus videos tagged as documentary films, true stories, unscripted portraits, and other stories based on real life incidents are entertaining and worth watching. 

It allows the user to search documentaries with its channel feature. 

Popular leading channels consists of videos on various genres including Nature, Art, and Craft, Culture and Technology, People, and Sports.

You can order these movies right here on it. Watch them on any compatible device: smartphones, tablets, game consoles, connected TVs, and other alien technologies. website offers a wide collection of documentaries on various topics.

It provides to browse the category, sort by top films, by duration comprised long of about 30+ min, the medium of about 11-30 min and short which are less than 10 min respectively, and even watch mini-documentaries. 

You can access all the content freely without any restrictions from anywhere, anytime. 

Documentary Heaven

Documentary Heaven, one of websites offers to watch the large collection of free, interesting, and amazing collection of various genres. 

The website updated daily to provide new and trending content for the viewers. There is a bunch of documentaries including Maddie and the Monster, Childhood 2.0, Louis Theroux: Drinking to Oblivion, etc. 


The DocumentaryStorm is also one of the websites that offer free and interesting documentaries spanning across various genres. 

It comprised the full-length documentaries gathered from around the web. The website updated daily to provide new and trending content for the viewers. 

The DocumentaryStorm works on the idea to share and spread knowledge.  The website consists of trending, top-rated, and randomly picks documentaries including the waiting Room, Riddle of the Skies, Beer Culture, the lost king of India, the Record Breaker, Second Assault, etc.

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