After Bard of Blood, Shahrukh Khan Production house “Red Chillies Entertainment” has released the second series on digital media, name Betaal Netflix New Series. The four-episode series star Aahana Kumra and Vineet Kumar Singh in the lead role.

Based on the battle of zombies and police, the series is an amazing mix of fantasy land and Indian folklore. It contains various high and low points that make series interesting and dull. At some point, the Indian series amaze its fans with some its horror scenes while at another point the storyline or characters of the series is weak.

Like other zombie series, Betaal does not hit the audience’s heart to a larger extent. But it contains some scenes that are good to watch and download. Here we mention some catchy points or other details related to the series that helps you to decide whether you should watch the series or not.

Betaal: Storyline

 Netflix’s original series Betaal is the story of a remote village, where a contractor Ajay Mudhalvan is constructing a highway. Villagers are opposing the highway because an old tunnel needs to open, that connects the highway and villagers believe that some dangerous power lives inside the tunnel.

Due to government and chief minister pressure, Mudhalavan sends special force squad, lead by Commandant Tyagi and Vikram Sirohi, to vacate the village and open the tunnel, located in cursed Beetal Mountain.

Force by using its powers successful vacant the village and ready to open the tunnel, but some villagers with weapons and an old woman trying to stop them. They warn them about the dangerous effects that they need to face after opening the tunnel. But officers do not give much attention to it and consider it superstition, they open the tunnel.

As villagers said after opening the tunnel, the force starts facing problems. Some zombie-like creatures (British Army officer Betaal and his battalion of zombie redcoats) come out from the tunnel and attacked the force. Half of the Indian police force including commandant Tyagi is killed by these creatures.

Now the whole burden is shifted on the shoulders of Vikram Sirohi, you tried his best to save the villagers and team, from the dangerous zombie-like creature.

Our Reviews on: Betaal

Written and directed by Patrick Graham and Nikhil Mahajan, the four-episodes of the web series presented an interesting atmosphere that gives you Hollywood like action-horror movies feeling. Some moments of the series filled your heart with horror and thriller.

On the other hand, the series also contains some points that decrease its rating. The entering of the special force is presented so normal like any normal force and zombie’s shows in the series are also different from normal zombies. First, they are British time zombies, and second, they are using guns and bombs, although they do not kill people by them.

The series storyline at some point like childish and the characters of the series are also not strong that it should be. Presentation is also not up to the mark, the villagers speaking different-different languages in the series. Horror content in the series is also low.

Where to watch the series?

Premiered on May 24, 2020, the new zombie-horror series is available on your favorite online streaming channel Netflix. So, if you have you watch the Hindi-language television series there. Otherwise, try its free and other easily affordable plans.

You can also collect all important information related to the series on the best Netflix movies and TV series website name Hard2Know.

Betaal: Cast

The characters that are part of zombie web series 2020 are Vineet Kumar Singh as Vikram Sirohi, Aahana Kumra as DC “Ahlu” Ahluwalia, Suchitra Pillai as Commandant Tyagi, Jitendra Joshi as Ajay Mudhalvan, Jatin Goswami as Assad Akbar, Siddharth Menon as Nadir Haq, Manjiri Pupala as Puniya and others.

Beetal: Trailer

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