The very famous series that received a positive response on OTT platforms ‘Breaking Bad’, got itself another series. Here’s where you can watch Better Call Saul and download it for free.

What is Better Call Saul?

The Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman received an independent series of its own. The meth King’s lawyer and a partner in crime received great praise from its audience. The popularity of the character led to the producers in creating an independent series.

Moreover, the series also provides a strong background story for Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmentraut. Saul or Jimmy McGill, is a con artist who turns into a small case attorney lawyer.

Similar to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul also received a positive response. To the extent that a fellow actor was praised at such an extent for his performance, that people requested that he should receive an Oscar for that level of acting and expression.

Recent news about the series.

The newest episodes of we see some familiar faces. There is an addition in the writers section for Better Call Saul. Alongwith Gilligan and Gould, Thomas Schnauz is added on the director’s chair.

He was present for Breaking Bad ‘Heisenberg’ phase. Infact he is the one who told Gilligan about an article he read in the newspaper. The article was about mobile meth labs…and the rest is history.

Another exciting news is return of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman! That is right! When asked about this new idea, writers had it in mind for a long time. They said, it helps to fill the spaces, and also it brings a new outlook to the series.

Better call Saul TV series and download for free
In frame Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Vince Gilligan and Thomas Schnauz on the sets is Better Call Saul

Where can you watch the TV series and download for free

The original TV series, Breaking Bad was first released on Netflix in 2008. The series received tremendous positive response. The finale of the show was deemed the perfect ending of a series; with an overall IMDB rating of 9.5/10.

Better Call Saul was also released on Netflix in 2015. The series is currently going on and in its 6th season. Presently 11th episode was released in the current season. The overall rating of the show is 8.8/10.

If you want to watch the series but do not have a subscription then we have got you! Here are few websites where you can watch Better Call Saul TV series and download for free.

123Movies: 123Movies allows you to watch movies for free and you are also able to download the movie on any device.

Soap2Day: Soap2Day is a free website that allows you to have access to numerous TV series and movies of different genre. You can surf through the endless list of movies and shows and enjoy your evening.

Vumoo: Vumoo allows you to watch movies and series for free with a varied genre. The site has a variety of options with subtitles and HD quality. You can also watch the movies in different language.

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