After her latest album “thank you, next” Ariana is planning her next new album while she is already in a music tour for her latest album.

Seriously this singer is too energetic about her work; she made us so hyped up because of her tweet about the new song.

Last night was an awesome night and if you haven’t seen what was happing then you missed a lot of action. Ariana showed us a strong side of her when she opened up about her mental health and gave her fans much appreciation of their support.

Ari wrote to her fans to expect her new song with Victoria Monét in just a few days!!

She left us so excited and impatient for the new album, she also wrote to her fans that they should wait for a day or so because they haven’t reached the highest sound quality but still the fans wanted to hear it right now.

The singer was tweeted a few rhythms but still we couldn’t figure out what this song is really about but it seems it will be something you’d wanna bump on payday, but still we need the full song to be able to judge.

Ari later admitted that she has been “random, impulsive, and excessive” with releasing new music but saying is way more happier now that she’s doing things as she likes.

This girl is not kidding when it comes to the things she likes and enjoys the most, Ari decided that she will be releasing new music whenever she like and on her terms.

We are really looking forward to hear her new song and too excited to wait.

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Last Update: March 29, 2019