Loved watching Bling Empire? If yes, its spin off Bling Empire New York is here to add some glitz and glamour into your watch list!

The cast of Bling Empire New York

Bling Empire was a great hit on Netflix. It is one of the top reality series on Netflix right now. The glamour, extravagance and everything about the show made it a trending topic of discussion on the internet. And after release of three seasons of the reality series, its spin off- Bling Empire New York is finally back on Netflix.

Here is all you need to know about Bling Empire New York before watching it:

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What is the plot of Bling Empire?

As already mentioned, Bling Empire New York is the spin off of Bling Empire, a reality drama series on Netflix. So, if you have not yet watched the latter one, you must be confused about the spin off too. Well if so, here is what the Netflix’s top reality series is all about.

Bling Empire is an American reality series that first released in 2021. The reality show became a huge hit on the global streaming platform and was renewed for three seasons. And now, even its spin off has been released on the streaming platform.

The popular reality show on Netflix centers around the rich East Asian and Southeast Asian American elites. This reality show basically focuses on the lives of the rich elites and their glamorous lives in America.

What is the life of the filthy rich socialites really like? This is what the Netflix’s popular reality series shows to the audience. The daily lives of the rich Asians Americans shown in the show with a bit of drama and a lot of luxury is what made the reality series a hit show among viewers from across the world.

You can watch all the seasons of the popular Netflix reality series here.

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What is the plot of Bling Empire New York?

If you enjoyed watching the drama and glamour of Bling Empire, its spin off is something you definitely should not miss watching. Bling Empire New York , the official spin off of the popular Netflix reality series has finally released on Netflix on January 20, 2023.

This spin off of the popular reality show focuses on Dorothy Wang. In this spin off series, Dorothy Wang is joined by a buzzing group of elite and sophisticated Asian Americans from New York.

The rich cast of the reality series will party all over the New York city and along the way, you will be able to witness a lot of drama as they get into conflicts with each other.

One thing you can expect for sure from Bling Empire New York is that you will witness a lot of glitz, high end fashion, ravishing parties and a lot more of drama in this spin off series on Netflix.

You can watch Bling Empire New York on Netflix.

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Who is in the cast of Bling Empire New York?

If you have watched the earlier seasons of Bling Empire, you must be familiar with Dorothy Wang. She is the youngest daughter of a billionaire Chinese American businessman.

The spin off series of the reality series will be centered around Dorothy Wang and a total of 6 new rich socialites. As Dorothy Wang moves to New York from Los Angeles, she will try to adjust to the new city along with the new rich cast of the reality series.

The other cast members of the spin off reality series include:

Tina Leung is a well-known blogger and stylist in the fashion world. This billionaire on Bling Empire New York divides her time between New York City and Hong Kong and is a fashion diva who owns her own designer vintage store.

Stephen Hung is 63 year old millionaire . He is the oldest cast member of the reality show and loves spending his dollars on clothes and luxurious cars. Stephen Hung is the vice chairman of Rio Entertainment Group which is based in Macau.

Debora Hung is yet another rich cast member of the reality series on Netflix. Deborah is a Mexican model and lawyer. She is married to Stephen Hung and has two kids. The rich model also owns her own modelling agency and is a regular face at all high end fashion shows.

Blake Abbie is another one of the cast members of the spin off reality show. Blake is a Canadian model and actor who has worked in many Chinese series.

Lynn Ban is a known name in the jewelry business. She has worked for many celebrity clients like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, etc. after launching her first jewelry collection in 2011.

Richard Chang is an affluent businessman who works as the chief grown officer at Hudson Medical. The rich businessman is known for having a bad reputation when it comes to relationships.

Vika is an avid traveler and is currently in relationship with Richard Chang. Although Vika is not a really popular face, she is seen along side Richard in the spin off series, Bling Empire New York.

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