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You know! Blockchain Technology is disrupting the whole world. Plays best known for its central role in cryptocurrency systems. Blockchain is the holy grail for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology can be operated for its design form that holds transactional records ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization. Estimates suggest that global blockchain technology revenues will grow in the coming year market climb over 39 billion U.S. Dollars in size by 2025.

There are many things happening in the block chain world of technology. By 2022, spending on blockchain solutions by businesses is forecast to hit the amount of $11.7.

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What is blockchain technology?

It is an establishment that supplies transactional records known as the block of the public in a number of databases as the “chain” in a network connected through peer-to-peer nodes. This storage is referred to as a digital ledger. Every ledger is official that the digital signature of the owner of the material is more secured. In simple words, the digital ledger is like a Google spreadsheet shared among many computers in a network, in which, the transactional records are stored based on actual purchases. Everyone can see the data and they can’t corrupt.

Why do you need to know about blockchain technology?

There are many reasons why you need to know about

  1. The block chain technology is more as compared with the finance. It can be applied to any multi-step deal where traceability and visibility are required. The supply chain is an unresolved use case where Blockchain can be leveraged to manage and sign contracts and audit product provenance. It could be leveraged for votation stages, titles, and doing management – amongst various other uses. As digital and physical creations converge, the practical applications of Blockchain will only grow.
  2. The exponential and disorderly growth of Blockchain will come from the convergence of public and private Blockchains to an ecosystem where firms, customers, and suppliers can collaborate in a secure, auditable, and virtual way.

What do you think about blockchain technology?

It’s not only about financing blockchain technology is about bitcoins. Bitcoins are just a small function of blockchain. Everyone is now a strong believer in this. Now people can trust each other and they can transact with anything from money to music, to a voter, to their identities peer to peer.

What are the job opportunities in blockchain technology?

There are a lot of requirements for developers even at the core protocol layer. Layer 2 systems things like state channels and plasma could probably use a lot of smart people. It is powerful, it will flow into every aspect of our lives.


  1. Enhanced accurateness by removing human involvement in confirmation
  2. Cost reductions by eliminating third-party verification
  3. Decentralization programs it harder to tamper with
  4. Transactions are secure, private, and efficient
  5. Transparent technolog


  1. Significant technology costs interrelated with mining bitcoin
  2. Low transactions per second
  3. History of use in illicit activities
  4. Regulation

Advantages of blockchain technology

  1. Accuracy of the Chain
  2. Cost Reductions
  3. Decentralization
  4. Efficient Transactions
  5. Private Transactions
  6. Secure Transactions
  7. Transparency Banking the Unbanked

Disadvantages of blockchain technology

  1. Technology Cost
  2. Speed Inefficiency
  3. Regulation

17 Uses of Blockchain Applications which Are Revitalizing our Society

  1. Asset Management: Trade Processing and Settlement
  2. Insurance: Claims processing
  3. Payment
  4. Cross-Border Payments4.Unconventional money lenders/ hard money lending
  5. Your car/ smartphone
  6. Blockchain Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  7. Smart Appliances
  8. Supply Chain Sensors
  9. Healthcare
  10. Blockchain music
  11. Blockchain Government
  12. Public value/ community
  13. Vested responsibility
  14. Blockchain Identity
  15. Passports
  16. Birth, wedding, and death certificates
  17. Personal Identification


Bitcoin is the most well-known example that shows how vast blockchain technology has become. Blockchain designers are trying out a number of other applications to expand their level of effectiveness. It seems that Blockchain rules the digital world of the near future.

We hope that helps in your Blockchain conversations – this is happy mining!

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Last Update: March 8, 2022