Blood and Water Season 3 is finally coming on Netflix this November and we are excited to see what awaits for us in the crime series.

The third season of Blood and Water or as it is called officially as Blood & Water: There Is No Escape From the Truth is one of the most awaited crime series on Netflix this year. As the release date of the Netflix crime series is coming near, we are more than excited to watch it.

After an intense second-season conclusion, the Parkhurst team is returning for another academic year full with fresh tensions and crises. Puleng (Ama Qamata) and Fikile (Khosi Ngema) are still surrounded by mysteries and secrets. However, this time they are coming closer to the truth.

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What is the Plot of the third season of Blood & Water- an awaited Netflix crime series?

Blood and Water season 3 is the continuation of the earlier two seasons of the crime series. So, we will see the storyline of the season 2 being continued in the third season too.

Blood and Water season 3- An Upcoming Netflix crime series

The new season of Blood & Water revolves around the story of Puleng and Fiks ( Fikile). We will see the journey of the teens as Fiks reconnects with her birth mother when she was trying to deal with the fact that the woman she thought was her mother had actually purchased her from a child trafficking syndicate.

Karabo Molapa will also be having a tough time in the upcoming season of the Netflix’s crime series. His mother who had been missing for years suddenly comes into his life. However, the reason for her return is not as simple as her love and desire to see her son.

With so much that happened in the earlier seasons and whatever we know so far about the crime series, we can already sense a great crime hit releasing this November!

Is there a Trailer for Blood and Water Season 3 ?

The Blood and Water Season 3 Official Trailer released on November 9, 2022. It gives us a sneak peek providing a small preview of the upcoming episodes.

The trailer for third season of Blood and Water suggests us that it may very well be the darkest and most perilous one yet. There seems to be a tsunami pouring down on the existence of the Parkhurst High kids and their parents. And it looks like no one’s life will be spared. In a similar vein, the criminal organization wants to hide its tracks and divert the public’s and authorities’ attention from its operations. And so, Puleng’s investigation into the syndicate throws her into danger.

You can watch the trailer of the third season of Blood and Water here.

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Who is in the cast of Blood & Water: There Is No Escape From the Truth?

Since Blood & Water is a continuation of the crime series, we will be seeing many of the old cast member in the third season of the upcoming Netflix series.

Ama Qamata is returning to play the role of Puleng Khumalo in the teen crime series.
Khosi Ngema is also back as Fikile Bhele in the third season of the series.
Thabang Molaba is playing the role of Karabo Molapo.
Dillon Windvogel portrays the character Wade Daniels in Blood and Water season 3.
Greteli Fincham is playing the role of Reece van Rensberg.
Arno Greeff is portraying the character of Chris Ackerman in the third season of the series.

Some other cast members of Blood and Water are Mekaila Mathys, Natasha Thahane, Gail Mabalane , Sello Ka-Ncube and many others.

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When and where to watch the third season of Ama Qatama starrer crime series?

The third season of Ama Qatama starrer crime series is releasing exclusively on Netflix. You can also watch the previous two seasons of Blood and Water on the popular streaming platform.

If you want to watch the drama series, you have to take the subscription of Netflix. However, if you are new to the platform, you can enjoy watching the crime series for free!

Netflix offers free trial to its first time customers. You could sign up for the popular streaming platform and watch the show for free.

You can watch all the seasons of the highly awaited crime series of Netflix here.

How many episodes are there in the third season of Blood & Water?

The new series is anticipated to consist of 6–7 episodes, each of which will air all at once and last between 43–53 minutes. So, we can rapidly watch the entire season of the crime series at once!

The name of the episodes of Blood and Water season 3 has not yet been revealed by the network. So, we can expect that those specific will be revealed only after the episodes are released on the streaming platform.

Now that only few days are left before the release of the third season of Blood & Water, here is a quick recap into the last season of the crime series for you!

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A Flashback into the story of season 2 of the Netflix’s crime series

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