Bellamy Blake, Bob Morley’s character in The 100, has gone through some big changes as the show has progressed: Bellamy has clearly accepted his job as co-head of the sky people, having gone from group rebel to responsible leader. While Morley is not a post-apocalyptic hero, he shares his character’s sense of strong convictions. Many people also want to know more about Bob Morley Upcoming Movies and Series, as well as other facts.

As a result, all Bob Morley admirers are interested in learning more about him and have a long list of questions for him to address. So you’ve arrived at the right location. All of your queries will receive an answer. I address his personal life, work, and other subjects in this area. So, if you’re interested, read all the way through.

About Bob Morley

Bob Morley was born in the Philippines to a Filipino mother and an Irish father who died while he was a youngster. The actor grew up on a farm in Victoria, where he developed an interest in acting at the age of eleven. Morley was a La Trobe University creative arts student. In 2006, he made his first appearance as Drew Curtis in the television series Home and Away. In May 2007, Morley competed in the second season of Australia’s It Takes Two singing competition.

He was eliminated after six weeks in the competition on June 12, 2007, despite receiving the highest score that night. Morley portrays Tony Moretti in the 2008 action film and television series The Strip. The show was canceled due to low ratings, and a second season was not confirmed. In 2008, he continued to feature on Scorched’s Nine Network. Cleo magazine named Morley “Bachelor of the Year.”

He portrayed Lorca in Palindrome for a Dead Poet in 2009. Morley made an appearance in the fifth episode of Sea Patrol’s fourth season, “Paradise Lost,” the following year. In 2013, Morley joined the cast of the drama Lost in the White City. He was cast as Bellamy Blake in The CW’s The 100, which was filmed in Canada, the same year. The 100’s seventh and final season premiered in May 2020. Morley graduated from the Warner Bros. Television Directors’ Workshop in 2018.

In 2021, Morley made an appearance in the third season of the police procedural The Rookie. He also joined the cast of Love Me, a six-part romance drama based on the Swedish series lska Mig. Hugo Weaving and Bojana Novakovic are among the ensemble cast members of the miniseries, which was shot in Melbourne.

Bob Morley Upcoming Movies and Series

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor, both 100 alumni, will co-star in a forthcoming independent sci-fi film. The production, which was shot in Atlanta, Georgia, and directed by Erik Bernard, promises to be filled with not only suspense but also a shattered marriage between Morley’s and Taylor’s characters as they both battle mental depression and strive to endure certain horrors.

The film will premiere at the 2022 European Film Market in Berlin, under the suspected title Hera. Details are being kept under wraps, but Eliza Taylor’s Instagram followers got a sneak peek at their set life. And the two of them appear to be getting along swimmingly.

In addition, Bob Morley has been cast in the Love Me TV Mini-Series, which is set to premiere in 2022. The plot centers around the exploration of modern love through the eyes of many family members at various phases of life.


Most Popular Shows

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  • The Rookie
  • The 100
  • Sea Patrol
  • Winners & Losers
  • Telethon

Some Interesting Facts About Bob Morley

Since he was a child, Morley has had a passion for acting. He went to school and studied acting till he was in the 12th grade. He then relocated to Melbourne, Australia, where he studied engineering. Morley, however, realized after a year of study that that line of work wasn’t for him and opted to return to his actual vocation. He enrolled in La Trobe University’s Creative Arts program and began his studies there.

During his time at La Trobe University, he acted in various short films and theatre shows while attracting agents. Morley also played soccer for the Australian Football League(AFL).

Despite being grateful for the opportunity to act, Morley admitted that he felt like a “meat bag” on Home and Away. Morley left the ensemble in 2008 after a total of 138 episodes and went on to star in the film The Strip.

Morley competed in an Australian celebrity singing competition while acting on Home and Away. It Takes Two was the name of the show, and Morley was voted out after six weeks. In fact, he had the greatest score in the series in the sixth week.

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