Netflix has confirmed that its original psychological thriller television series will return with more interesting and darker episodes. Like season one, these 10 episode series fascinate and amaze the audience in You Netflix Season 2.

The upcoming season will double down everything which you never expect. Its horrifying events will sink your eyes into. It is expected the series consists of some extremely scary scenes that are not for the weak stomachs.

What will happen in “You” Season 2?

Firstly, the series is expected to premiere on Lifetime but on December 3, 2018, it was announced that Lifetime had passed on the second season and the show further proceeds by Netflix.

The second season of this interesting Netflix series is based on the Caroline Kepnes novel named Hidden Bodies.

The story is set in Los Angeles where Joe is determined to put his past behind him. His eye and obsession are set on an aspiring chef named Love Quinn.

The re-emerge dark thoughts will get multiplies and destroy Joe true love. He doesn’t want to disturb and lose his girlfriend so he tries to bury all the secrets. Because he knows if she knows the truth of him then he removes him from her life.

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When will “You” season 2 aired?

You season one will be dropped in September after a long development period of two years. But it is expected that Season 2 will be coming soon.

As per the Instagram and Twitter show pages, season two will be expected to premiere on Netflix on September/ October 2019.

The official trailer of this popular and top-rated Netflix series is not released yet.

Netflix Series “You” Season 2 Casts

Penny Badgley Joe Goldberg A Bookstore Manager
Carmela Zumbado Delilah Alves An investigative reporter
Victoria Pedretti Love Quinn An apiring Chef
Jenna Ortega Ellie Alves A teenager who grow faster in big city
James Scully Forty Quinn Love’s Brother
Ambyr Children Candace Joe’s Ex-girlfriend
Zack Cherry Ethan Bookstore clerk
Luco Padovan Paco Joe younger neighbour
Magda Apanowicz Sandy Someone from Joe’s past
Marielle Scott Lucy Edge-chic literary agent

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