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Broad City: Problem with the App? or TV? Only Season 1 works & rest is…

Apple TV Broad City

Broad City is an American television sitcom created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Glazer and Jacobson decided to end the show after five seasons. It has been nominated for several awards; it received five nominations at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and further received three further nominations in 2016 at the Dorian Awards for Unsung TV Show of the Year

Apple TV Broad City

Recently, The Apple TV app had many issues streaming movies and many users have bought the “Broad City” show through iTunes. Many have been complaining that, When we launch the App and only the first series plays the video, and the rest are not shown.

Also, there are some other issues such as the preview images for Season 1 / episodes 1-6 are totally DIFFERENT than what your video shows. So, it is possible that the TV and the App are working fine, and instead, the issue is with the purchase itself and with the actual digital files that users are trying to access and download. The preview images seen on LG TV are totally different than the preview images appearing on LG TV.

Looking at the Apple support forums, this seems to be a widespread issue that they are basically ignoring. Many of them are reporting the same problem.

Apple TV App not working on LG TV

Here are some of the solutions to solve playing Broad City in Smart TV:

  • Update the app: If the freezing of apps occurs that means you might have not updated your applications. Therefore, update the apps to continue enjoying normal services.
  • Check your firmware: All applications are installed on top of the firmware. However, they get their updates separately. If you have updated the app, but not the firmware, you will encounter problems.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app: In some cases, an app’s files or caches can become corrupt. Deleting the application will remove all the associated files. Once you reset the app, reinstall it and try again.

A previously installed app may not run if it is not up to date. Updating it will give you a fresh copy that comes with the latest features, security, and functionality.

If you are using an updated app and you are unable to run it, delete and install it again.

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