If you are a fantasy drama lover then this is for you. This summer one of the best fantasy drama series starring Orlando bloom and Cara Delavigne arrives on the floors. Season one of this American television show is already in the market. The episodes show the unrest between supernatural creatures and humans with romance as the backbone of the series. The new series will be the first major TV role for both bloom and Delavigne.

The popular show tells about a fantasy-filled set in neo Vatican City and tension between mythical creatures and growing immigrant population.

Every episode of this show is taking the audience on the interesting ride of Fantasy. So, watch its season one on Amazon Prime Video. Hard2know also provide all useful information related to online stream and download of series. 

What are the factors that compel you to watch this series?

In the middle of the drama, there comes a series of unsolved murder investigations which makes the series interesting to watch. The city’s peace collapses when a series of murders reveals a monster beyond the imagination of anyone.

Amazon Prime Video has released episodes with Orlando and Delevingne which reveals there is something cryptic in this series which kick off the mind of the audience. So many unorganized wires will be fixed in mind with the release of web television series on the Amazon. In a video in Amazon Delevingne has told about so many creatures that inhabit in the world. All episodes of the series are very cryptic to watch.

These web series entertain the audience like no other web series as it has all the ingredients an audience needs to feel entertained. So, don’t wait, just watch online and download every episode of this amazing series on Amazon Prime.

Carnival Row Episodes: Plot

This mysterious and interesting Amazon original television series consists of a total of nine episodes in the first season.

#Episode 1: Some Dark God Wakes

In the starting episode, we see Philo solving a case related to violent attacks on fae-folk. Vignette reached Burgue to give a new start to her life. Imogen and Ezra learn about that their new neighbor is a faun name Agreus. On the other hand, chancellor of the city faces opposition from his rival Longerbane.

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#Episode 2: Aisling

Philo investigates the murder and attack of Aisling near the sewers. Vignette is introduced by Tourmaline to the new group of faeries. She decides to join the black raven, a rebel fae group. Jonah is kidnapped while visiting Tourmaline. Philo meets his old army friend who is in jail.

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#Episode 3: Kingdoms of the Moon

It is a flashback episode that shows how Philo and Vignette first meet. It shows how an unlikely place becomes the mark of their love.

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#Episode 4: The Joining of unlike things

In this new episode, Philo is solving the murder mystery of his childhood headmaster. Imogen makes a plan to help her brother. 

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#Episode 5: Grieve No More

Philo meets and consults to Haruspex to figure out clues related to the killer or the murder. Vignette start developing a close relationship with his new family.

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#Episode 6: Unaccompanied Fae

Philo starts getting clues related to a murder mystery that helps him to find the murderer. Vignette finds a house in a place where she never expected.

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#Episode 7: The world to come

Philo is sent to jail where he figures out some unpredicted help from Vignette. Sophie offers Jonah a new deal.

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#Episode 8: The Gloaming

Tensions start increasing in Carnival Row that forced Philo to confront both darkness incarnate and the evil that controls it. Vignette gleans the true nature of the Burgue.

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Carnival Row Season One: Release Date

The first episode of this best-ever fantasy series will be premiere on your favorite streaming channel that is Amazon Prime Video on August 30, 2019.

Carnival Row Cast:

This 8 series neo-noir fantasy web television series is created by Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham. The series will be directed by Jon Amiel.

Orlando bloom Rycroft philostrate
Cara delevingne Vignette stonemoss
David Gyasi Agreus
Tamzin Merchant Imogen spurnose
Andrew Gower Ezra sprunose
Karla chrome tourmaline
Indira Varma Piety Breakspear
Jared Harris Absalom Breakspear

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