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Study finds Mars has different music taste than Earth

Study finds Mars has different music taste than Earth If you want

Megha Gadad Megha Gadad

Nasa researches-New shape wing for next generation

NASA researchers, working together with the Air Force lab (AFRL) and FlexSys

Megha Gadad Megha Gadad

Discovering new planets beyond our solar system

Are we alone in the universe? Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Let’s get started! Today

Megha Gadad Megha Gadad

Innovation of a device which produces electricity from shadows

A team of scientist came up with an idea of using the

Shikha Gupta Shikha Gupta

Google for India 2019: 9 Big Announcements made by Google in this event

Since 2015, Google has hosted “Google for India Event” to share its

Shikha Gupta Shikha Gupta

India’s five new technology missions on the anvil

To make our country globally competitive and ahead of other countries the

Shikha Gupta Shikha Gupta

How too little and too long sleep increase the chances of a Heart attack?

According to the new research conducted by scientists of the United Kingdom

Shikha Gupta Shikha Gupta

Technical News – Top 10 Cool Inventions of 2019

Inventions which are always a driving force in any civilization makes the

Shikha Gupta Shikha Gupta

NASA Plans to Send First Man and Next Woman to Moon In 2024

On the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, the US agency

Shikha Gupta Shikha Gupta

Mining and metal production in Chile [Review]

Chilean Mining Sector The global consumption of copper only further continues to

Vikas Yadav Vikas Yadav