HBO and Sky new project “Catherine the Great” is coming soon to rock your television screen. This interesting British-American mini-series starring Oscar-winning Helen Mirren in the role of “Catherine the Great”.

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When and where the series will release?

Catherine the Great is one of the latest series in the partnership between HBO and Sky. On August 28, 2019, its director Philip Martin announced that this fascinating drama will premiere on HBO on October 21, 2019.

The new series of 2019 will be available on HBO in the US and Bell Media in Canada. Apart from this HBO and Sky original series is also available on Now TV and Sky Atlantic in the UK and Ireland and on Sky Atlantic in Spain, Italy, German and Austria.

Catherine the Great: First Look

HBO series first look show Helen Mirren as Empress of Russia “Catherine the Great” in her private headquarters.

What happens in this new HBO series?

Catherine the Great is the story of the greatest empress of Russia before 1917, Catherine the Great and the Hermitage.

The HBO series show Catherine the Great as tumultuous monarch and politician, who ruled the Russian empire and transformed the place in the world with its wielded supreme power for approximately half of the 18th century.

This four-episode series will focus on the end of Catherine’s reign and her passionate affair with the Russian military leader Grigory Potemkin, who played an important role in shaping the future of Russian politics. Apart from scandals and conflicts, both of them develop a unique bond, overcoming their adversaries and serve together as the architects of new Russia.

Catherine the Great: Episodes

Episode 1

The starting of the series shows how Catherine lover Grigory force him to get married, how chief advisor Panin encourages Catherine to give her son a great share in politics and starting of Catherine and officer relationship.

Episode 2

The second episode shows Catherine relationship with Alexander Vasilchikov, trouble growing in the countryside by the peasants.

Episode 3

Episodes three shows difficulties faced by Catherine and Potemkin after 18 months relationship and a new Potemkin now become a Prince.

Episode 4

The final episode shows the problem faced by the empress of Russia due to its people and war and finally, the end of Catherine legacy.

Catherine the Great: Cast

The historical drama is produced and directed by Philip Martin, along with three executive producers Christine Healy and Charlie Pattison for New Pictures and David M. Thompson for Origin Pictures. The series is written by Nigel Williams (Elizabeth I).

The cast of HBO and Sky TV series include Oscar-winning actors such as

Real Name Series Name Role in Series
Helen Mirren Catherine the Great Empress of Russia
Jason Clarke Grigory Potemkin Russian military leader and lover of Catherine the Great
Gina McKee Praskovya Bruce A lifelong friend and confidante of Russian Empress
Sam Palladio Alexander Vasilchikov A Guard officer and Catherine lover
Richard Roxburgh Grigory Orlov A former lover of Catherine
Joseph Quinn Prince Paul Catherine Son
Georgina Beedle Natalia Princess

Catherine the Great: Trailer

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