We all have heard about one-sided love, in which a person loves other person unconditionally without knowing the other person loves him/her or not. 

Netflix new movie 2020, Chaman Bahaar also presents the same concept with a modern twist. 

The new movie show a small town pan shop owner who starts loving a school girl, who lives in a house opposite to his pan shop, but never told her about that.

He feels jealous, anger and frighten with other people who gaze her and even try to keep them away from her. 

The one-sided love story has various interesting points which open one by one when story moves further.

Various important details related to this eye-catching Rom-com mentioned below, along with watch online and download details. 

Chaman Bahaar Netflix Movie Detailed Storyline

Chaman Bahaar is the story of a small town lormi boy billu, who goes against his family to open a pan shop; he even rejected the forest department government job, in which his father is working. 

But the shop does not work the way he think, even sometimes he wastes whole day without earning a single penny. 

His life takes a twisted turn or his shop gets engagement when a government employee family starts living in the house, opposite to his shop. 

The young daughter of the family Rinku becomes the centre of attraction for all people around the town. Billu also attracted by the charismatic beauty of the girl and started liking her. 

People start spending time on billu shop to get glimpses of rinku, some even set up carrom game there and start playing. 

But the police will take action and remove people from there. 

Rinku, a school going girl moves here there three to four in a day on her scooty, followed by various men on bike. 

The situation gets worse when local politician  Shiladitya tiwari and a rich kid Ashu starts liking her. 

Billu knows everything; he hates all these things but his love story, only moves in his mind. 

Is billu told rinku about his love? Is rinku accepts his love? What happen with politician and rich guy? All these questions are answered as the story moves further. 

Where you can watch Chaman Bahaar movie? 

Chaman Bahaar premiered on June 19, 2020 on your favorite streaming channel Netflix. So, if you have its subscription watch movie there. 

Non-subscriber have two options- one they choose Netflix free trial and second it’s easily affordable plans that costs $8.99 a month, second $12.99 a month, and third $15.99 a month, in USA and £5.99, £8.99, and £11.99 per month, in UK.

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Chaman Bahaar: Cast

The new 2020 movie lead by famous comedy series “panchayat” stars Jitendra Kumar. He plays the role of Billu in the movie. 

Another star that joins him in the movie or plays the role of his love is Ritika Badiani as Rinku. 

Alam Khan plays the role of local politician Shiladitya tiwari and Ashwani Kumar as rich boy Ashu.

Two friends Bhuvan Arora as Somu and Dherendra Kumar Tiwari as ChottuChottu, are two town hustlers who create problems and confusion. 

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