Every day, we meet all kinds of surprised and unexpected events. Imagine some strangers break in your house and hold your family hostage and in return they want some work to be done like to kill someone. What will you do if you caught in that situation? All your senses being collapsed for a while if this situation occurs. 

The same feeling being experienced by Surgeon Dr. Mira Anand in series hostages, when she performs a routine operation on the chief minister. The family taken hostage by some strangers before procedure.

Now hostage season 2 premiered on September 9, 2020, streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is 12 episodes long for a binge-watch. 

The Indian crime thriller television series, directed by Sachin Mamta Krishan. It is an official adaptation of an Israeli series of the same name.

The show Hostages comes with all possibilities and logic you might thought and hype your excitement after completed each episode. You must encounter several twists and turns in the plot and you feel connected with the plot. 

What is the plot of season 2? 

In season 1, Four strangers enter the Anand’s family households them hostage. Dr. Mira Anand scheduled to operate on the Chief Minister. The strangers give a choice to kill CM on the operation table. Dr. Mira Anand has to choose that she takes a life or saves the lives of her family? 

The season was just like a mad cat-and-mouse game between Dr. Mira Anand played as Tisca Chopra and Prithvi Singh played as Ronit Roy. 

The Hostage Season 1 plot ending created chaos hanging several loosen threads in the season 1. Watch Hostage season 1 so you get the clarity of the series and connects with the plot. 

The season 2 picked up exactly where season 1 left off, with another new plot brings the hostage situation for Prithvi and his crew. 

Hostages Season 2 has an excellent plot with some well-executed and fairly genuine action scenes. With intense drama, intriguing storyline served and with the appealing performance of talented actors. 

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As the trailer says ‘Khel abb palat Chuka hai’ means the table has turned now give the goosebumps that it is the time Prithvi and his crew held hostage as the police surrounded them from every corner of the house.

The story revolves around the CM Khushwant Lal Handa played by Dalip Tahil kidnaps by retired Superintendent of Police Prithvi Singh for a bone marrow transplant to save his wife’s life Saba’s played by Shrishwara Dubey, whose health conditions is deteriorating with each passing time. 

Instead of his planning of killing CM on the operation table, he kidnaps for saving his wife’s life. As the story moving ahead, the plot brings unexpected turns and twists, set up the new hostage situation. 

How will Prithvi finds a way to get out this mess and from which extent he will go in getting bone marrow to save his wife’s life?

Watch all episodes of season 2 steaming on Disney+ Hotstar. 

Who will join the Hostages season 2?

As the story picks up steam, several cast members are added to this season will be seen in respective episodes.

We see many actors made a come-back such as Dalip Tahil, Surya Sharma, Aashim Gulati, Anangsha Biswas, and Mohan Kapu, from the first season. 

The lead actor Ronit Roy as Prithvi Singh will see again in season 2 as retired police, who held the family as hostage to kill the CM. But what he thought will go out of plan, now he needs CM bone marrow to save his wife’s life. 

Ronil Roy outshone the perfect portrayal of the character like a caring husband who goes to any extent to save his wife’s life.

Saba’s played as Shrishwara Dubey features as Nafisa in the film D-Day in the web series breathe plays as Prithvi wife, whose conditions are getting deteriorate as time passes. 

Ayesha played as Divya Dutta is an ace negotiator from the police side who handles all the activities of the criminals.

She appeared in successful movies like Badlapur (2015), Blackmail (2018), and Veer Zaraa (2004), and perfectly portrays her character and outshines with performance. She shared, “This was the part of a woman who is in charge”.

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Veteran Kanwaljeet Singh seen in season as Karnail, the commander-in-chief of the police unit, who controls all operation on ground. Singh said in an interview “I was told about the role, and I liked the important character”.

Actor Shibani Dandekar shares, ” Isha Andrews was so different from anything that I’ve played before and I thoroughly enjoyed getting into the skin of this character”. She adds “Never played antagonist before, was excited to play a different role. 

Dino Morea played as a cold-blooded assassin. He is excited about his role and shares thought as the time of the trailer launched- “I have never played a cold-blooded assassin, who is not at all remorseful for what he does”. I’ve never done anything like this before.

The Indian film actress Shweta Bose plays the character of Shikha Pandey, an Intelligence officer. Few members will seen in respective episodes as a supporting role. 

Where to watch and download the Hostage season 2? 

All episodes of Hostages Season 2 are available in HD for download. Since Hostages 2 released on the OTT platform, you need to sign up for the paid subscription. 

The paid subscription of Hotstar is available for Rs 365 (yearly plan). You can binge-watch all the episodes of Hostage season 1 as well.

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Last Update: September 14, 2020