Instagram is one of the leading social networking platforms which are liked by thousands or more people around the world.

From its release in 2010 to date, Instagram has gained immense popularity among people, especially youngsters.

Its interesting stories and reels adding feature, its privacy feature, and various other features make the app famous.

In 2023 several new add-ons are done on this social networking platform. To learn about the added new features of Instagram, check the details below.

Add music to post and carousel

Without music, the videos and bunch of photos, we added don’t look as great as they look after adding music.

However, Instagram has come up with a feature for adding music to the post and carousel.

Now you can add a clip with audio or pull a clip with audio from the clip hub. People can make their remix content through this.

Now, your content beauty is not only enhanced but also becomes an eye-catching one.

Hard for creeps to prey on teens

Instagram’s new security feature protects teenagers from strangers and worthless people.

Now adults or unknown people are not allowed to message teens under 18 who don’t follow them.

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New added tools

Instagram is working on a video editing feature and a new method to create memes.

It includes various tools that help to scale, crop, and rotate clips. Its new undo and redo options help to save time while editing videos.

New fonts and features

Instagram has not made a big change in its list but its small changes help to beautify your things.

If you love to write text then good news is for you. Instagram added six new text fonts and some amazing filters.

From simple and fine color edits to expressive style options, these small new changes help you to try several looks for your posts.

Its new organization tool as its name implies helps you organize audio clips and locate voice-over capabilities.

It also helps in finding, accessing, and editing draft videos or posts that users may have created.

New metrics on Reels

Several people around the world are creating reels and videos on Instagram.

A brand new metrics feature related to reels is introduced on Instagram for them.

With these new features of Instagram, they can easily know how many times their reels have been replayed in addition to the number of Initial plays they receive.

It is expected that in December month, creators can also gain the ability to check how many people are watching their reels on a moment-by-moment basis.

Add external link in bio

Instagram’s new feature of adding external links in the bio is good and much awaited.

You can use this feature by simply following the steps.

  • First, open your Instagram account
  • Click on the Edit Profile feature
  • Then select the add external link option
  • Now you can drag and drop the link that you want.

Create new square videos

If you are fed up with creating the same style of videos and want to create something new then the square video concept is good for you.

In this technique, you can easily post square videos by following simple steps.

  • First start making a carousel post with a picture
  • Then select a video clip from your carousel
  • Now deselect the picture, then only the video clip is left
  • Now you created a video in square format

Join creators on Reels

Join Creators on Reels is an interesting new features of Instagram for the people who create content on Instagram.

Through this feature, creators gain the opportunity to invite their followers to join their reels or posts they have created.

For this, they all have to do is to use ‘Add Yours” Stickers.

In addition to this, creators can also invite their followers for the fun activity by using this feature.

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