We are born of love; love is our mother-by Rumi. The world is changing in all aspects as crime is increasing at an alarming rate. Providing and maintaining a healthy, secure, and safe environment is nowadays difficult for children.

What will happen tomorrow with our children or how goanna we raised them? The question arises in every parent’s mind. What kind of values and principles we imbibe in them so they make a strong and healthy future for them?In short, we can say that parenting is tough and hard to maintain.

You might wonder what I am exactly talking about. This is the plot of the new series premiered on HBO max ‘The Raised by Wolves ‘on September 3, 2020.

How the two people-The mothers and the father raised their children on the distant isolated planet and save them from the surviving human in an apocalyptic war.

The makers of the famous movies like Martian, Gladiator, and the Alien director Ridley Scott-The executive producer and directed the first two episodes of the new sci-fi drama series and created by Aaron Guzikowski. As Scott explained when he was working on this series on October 2017 states-

“I’m always searching for new frontiers in the sci-fi genre and have found a true original in Raised by Wolves – a wholly distinct and imaginative world, full of characters struggling with existential questions: What makes us human? What constitutes a family? And what if we could start over again and erase the mess we’ve made of our planet? Would we survive? Would we do better?”

What’s the plot of the story?

The first three episodes of series aired on HBO max on September 3, 2020.

The series shows up at midnight in local time zone and the rest of episodes premiere weekly in subsequent weeks.

The plot revolves around the two atheistic androids are the Mother (Amanda Collin) and the Father (Abubakar Salim)escaped from the devastating Earth in the spaceships launched into a mysterious planet.

They carried a set of frozen human embryos with them.

The parental unit created by a man who programmed the androids to rise and grows the children as aesthetic. They designed the robots wearing the sleek rubber outfits and cock on their heads.

Despite being the robots with numerous powers, they have emotions and humanity inbuilt programs making them vulnerable and volatile and connects more with the human children.

Mother taught that human believes-allowing the androids to raise the human children are a sin.

She told her children that the planet isn’t torn apart by the same religious difference that leads the Earth to destruction in the past.

But this simple existence is destroyed and torn apart when a stranger (Travis Fimmel – Vikings) arrives to rescue human children from the androids and raises questions about the mother’s hidden secrets and develops stark religious differences, androids learn that controlling the human belief is a difficult task.

Travis Fimmel plays Marcus appears as a kind of soldier, who seems to be the bad guy in the series. Or is he? You will come to know in the series.

Is the trailer giving any brief ideas about the whole series?


The trailer of “Raised by Wolves” is interesting to watch. The trailer is fascinating; it has high intense drama giving us the strong alien’s vibes.

The trailer showed a glimpse of how the series looks like-raised a lot of conflict in a plot left us scratching our heads to think who exactly the wolf-The bad guy?

Ridley Scott works well on the cinematic, compelling character; the dynamic and visual graphics looks frightening with a twist and turns seems horrific and adds the more shock value.

We see an awful or horrid mother with black eyes, screaming and have enough energy to make heads explode, blood seen on the walls, suggests that she will go to any extent or cause destruction to protect the children from mankind.

Judging and making stories with trailer, the actual series is full of chaos, insane, and looks complicated than that brief description.

To get the bigger picture- watch the series ‘The Raised by Wolves’ to make your imagination story into reality.

What are the characters of the raised by wolves series?

Amanda Collin (A Conspiracy of Faith and The Horrible Woman) played the role of Mother, who programmed to raise human children after the destruction of the earth to build an existence of life on the earth.

Abubakar Salim (Fortitude, Jamestown) played by an android Father, designed less complex than Mother. He cracks jokes and plays with children shows devotion towards his family.

His patience and intelligence skills made the most important character in series, often struggle to protect his family from humans.

The actor was seen in movies like Warcraft: The Beginning, adventure drama movie Lean on Pete, the action movie Vikings etc-Travis Fimmel played the role Marcus, the mysterious man with a troubled past. He is one of the survival soldiers back on Earth.

He and his wife Sue played by Niamh Algar is a combat medic, after the destruction of earth she moved to the new planet following his husband path.

Winta McGrath (Aloft, Red Dog: True Blue) played the role of Campion, a 12-year-old boy who raised by the androids.

After the arrival of human survivors, several questions arise in his mind about his religious belief and his existence.

Felix Jamieson, a ghost in Game of Thrones series played the role of a 12-year-old boy named Paul, the son of Sue and Marcus who has firm believes in religion and follow the lead of his father.

There are many other casts like Ethan Hazzard as a 17-year-old Hunter, Jordan Loughran the actress of the movie; The Infiltrator played the role of 17-year-old Tempest. Aasiya Shah worked in a movie Call the Midwife, Unforgotten played the role as 15-year-old Holly.

Where to watch the raised by wolves series?

The series first three episodes premiered on HBO max on September 3, 2020, and the remaining seven episodes will be added every week at midnight.

Watch series on HBO Max costs $14.99 a month, and sign up the service through the HBO Max website.

The HBO Max app available on many connected devices, including Apple TV, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, and Samsung smart TVs.

You can also purchase the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to watch the series.

The service even used on a wide array of operating systems and devices (iOS, Android, Smart TVs, etc).

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