The new Cinderella, which will be available on Amazon this weekend, is a bad idea. The idea appears to have originated with James Corden, our sweatiest late-night host (figuratively, not literally) and one of the stars of Cats, a film that has done for hallucinogens what Oreos did for milk. Furthermore, Cinderella is a 2021 romantic musical film based on Charles Perrault’s fairy tale of the same name. It’s a jukebox musical with largely pop and rock favorites from earlier decades, as well as a few original songs. Principal photography began at Pinewood Studios in February 2020 and was halted in March 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, production began in August 2020 and will be completed in September 2020. Therefore, Amazon Prime Video published Cinderella digitally on September 3, 2021. However, critics gave the movie mixed reviews.

This new adaptation of Charles Perrault’s classic offers a feminist-friendly makeover. However, with the title heroine yearning for a profession rather than a boyfriend to carry her away. While Cannon’s brilliant creative approach and jukebox musical style all point to an exquisite and empowering remake of this most familiar of clothing. However, her execution shreds the fabric quite a few times. So, if you want to learn more about the movie, keep reading this blog till the finish.


Review Of Cinderella

Ella is an effervescent, unwaveringly positive force, which Cabello plays with a bit self-deprecating humor and a sincere edge. She converses with the talking mice that hang out with her in the basement. However, despite the fact that their language contributes nothing to the film, and she daydreams about how different her life could be if she could simply establish her own shop and become a businesswoman to provide for herself and her family. Cinderella in this rendition aspires to be a fashion designer and to support herself so she does not have to live in her stepmother’s basement. It also tries to explain the stepmother’s (Idina Menzel) malice and tone down the mean girl part of the two step-sisters.

However, the screenplay of the writer/director overcorrects “Cinderella” and renders the plot imbalanced. It is feasible to give the title character more ambitions, independence, and wit without dulling everyone else. However, the king (Pierce Brosnan) is authoritarian, the queen (Minnie Driver) is frustrated, the princess (Tallulah Grieve) studies public policy, and the fairy god-person (Billy Porter as Fab G) is flashy, posing a task that even the gifted cast cannot overcome. Other than being gorgeous, singing nicely, and obsessed with Cinderella, Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine) possesses very few characteristics.

The musical numbers outperform the cheesy dialogue. However, producers aren’t always the best judges of whether or not they contribute value to a movie. Cinderella is charming, hopeful, and well-liked by mice. However, this is again another reminder that the producer is not qualified to determine value, which is one of the reasons they should not be in the film.

Therefore, the film’s frenzied frivolity and uneven tone are regrettable distractions from the film’s true delights, which include Cabello’s attractive performance as Cinderella and the inventive and lively musical moments.

Trailer of Cinderella

The release date, timing, and other facts of Movie

  • Release Date (Streaming): September 3, 2021
  • Genres: Family | Comedy | Fantasy | Musical | Romance
  • Directed by: Kay Cannon
  • Produced by: James Corden, Leo Pearlman, Jonathan Kadin, Shannon McIntosh
  • Screenplay by: Kay Cannon
  • Running Time: 113 minutes
  • Original Language: English
  • Streaming: Amazon Prime
  • IMDb Ratings: 4.0/10

The Main Cast

Here is the rundown of the main cast in the Cinderella movie.

  • Camila Cabello as Cinderella
  • Idina Menzel as Vivian
  • Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice
  • Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert
  • Billy Porter as Fabulous Godmother
  • Pierce Brosnan as King Rowan
  • Maddie Baillio as Malvolia
  • Charlotte Spencer as Narissa

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Cinderella has been on your mind all this time, and you’ve learned a lot. Therefore, are ready to watch a movie on Amazon after watching the trailer and reading the reviews. Cinderella is a well-intentioned modern twist on the fairy tale. However, that fails in its desperate attempts to connect with younger audiences yearning for something in the style of Hamilton.

Ella is played by Camila Cabello, who is decent but ultimately forgettable. However, Prince Robert is played by Nicholas Galitzine, who is an unlikeable jerk for much of the film. Billy Porter’s five great on-screen minutes as the electrifying “Fab G” go by much too quickly. On the other hand, Cinderella relies on rarely working humor (such as James Corden’s enormous head on a mouse body), a bloated, meandering soundtrack, and weak singing to back it up. Cinderella, the live-action version, reached its pinnacle in 1997. Moreover, in the last please let me know in the comments area how much you enjoyed reading the review.