Even though there is an abundance of new movies, sometimes ‘OLD IS GOLD’! Although there are many sites that we know to watch movies, they mainly focus on the new films. But if you are in the mood for some classic movies, here are a few sites you might want to look into.


Watch TCM is a streaming extension of the Turner Classic Movie cable channel. It has a ‘Movie’ section in which you can watch any classic movies that are available in the collection. Although they add new movies and discard the old ones keeping the films for a limited time.

TCM website

The new addition to the site is a ‘Live’ section in which you can watch whatever movie TCM is broadcasting live. If you already have a cable then this is a great choice for you!

You can check out the website here.


Warner Brothers is one of the oldest production houses and have given rise to some of the most loved films all over the world. Like a cherry on top Warner Brothers has their own website- Warner Archive, where you can watch some of the old classics. However these classics will only include movies under Warner Brothers studio, we can agree it is worth it.

warner archive website

The only letdown is that this is a paid streaming service that costs about $9.99 per month. But hey it is worth it!


The Internet Archive is an American digital library with the stated mission of “universal access to all knowledge”As the name suggests it is an archive of various digital media. This site is totally wonderful. You can watch all sorts of classic movies, mainly the ones available in the public domain. The site also offers free access to books, videos and short films.

arhicve org website for classic movies


Although Netflix is a modern OTT platform, it sure is a great place to surf for some classic movies. However the site does not directly differentiate classics from the new ones, it entirely depends on our search skills. You can simply go to the site and in the search bar search for ‘Classic movies’ and you might be able to find a list of certain films.

Some might be too new to be classics, but you will get a variety.


Hulu served as one of the best streaming sites for a good old movie. Mainly the site hosted most of the movies of Criterion Collection. Although Criterion is now a different service and hence the number of films is limited. Even then the collection includes some of the famous classics so far.

Other than these streaming sites, if you are keen on watching classics, you can always rent or buy a movie on youtube, which hosts most of the classic movies in different languages. Or a good old DVD player might just be useful now!

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Last Update: May 11, 2022