Microsoft Teams no doubt makes collaboration and connecting with groups flawless and super easy. It helps you to stay not only organised but even optimised as well as engage effectively with your teammates. But like any software, there are certain issues or problems that you can come across.

So, below are some of the most common problems with Microsoft Teams that you might face. Along with this also know how to solve them!

1.Inability to create a new team

2.Issues with the working of Microphone or Webcam

3.Old chats and threads not loading

4.Freezing of the Team

5. Not getting Notified

1. Inability to create a new team

You might face the issue of not being able to create a new team. The companies and organizations have the option of disallowing individuals from creating new teams or groups.

Solving the issue

To solve this issue simply reach out to your IT department for further assistance on this matter.

2. Issues with the working of Microphone or Webcam

Sometimes you can face an issue of the web cam or microphone refusing to work correctly. This can be related to some problem happening with the hardware or the microphone itself. To fix the issue simply follow the following steps-

Solving the issue-

1. First, ensure that the webcam and microphone are selected before starting or joining the call.

2.Once you join you will see a toggle switch present on the left of the Join Now screen as well as a toggle switch for your microphone. Ensure that both are on.

3. You might also want to click the settings cog to choose the speakers and PC Mic. This is done to make sure that the microphone and speaker are selected by default.

What to do if it still doesn’t work?

If it still doesn’t work this means that the issue is happening due to permission problems. You need to grant your web browser and webpage the permission to use your webcam as well as your microphone. For this you will be getting an Allow Prompt or else you will have to tweak your privacy settings.

3. Old chats and threads not loading

This issue is known to be one of the most common of all. You might face issues seeing your latest messages or threads. Not only this the same problem can occur when you are trying to load your old messages.

Solving the issue-


If you are using Mac then follow the following steps-

Force Quit‘ the Teams app to refresh it.

To ‘Force Quit’ simply –

1. Click – ‘Option’, ‘Command’ and ‘Esc‘ on your keyboard.

2. Another way to do this is by clicking the ‘Force Quit’ from the Apple menu.


If you are using Windows then follow the following steps-

1. Head to your Taskbar and look for the Microsoft teams icon.

2. As soon as you see it, just right click and choose Quit. Doing this will result in the force quitting of the Teams apps.

3.Once it restarts you will see the latest messages again.

4.Freezing of the Team

One might also face an issue with the app freezing apart from the messages not loading or poor connectivity. To solve the fastest option is to ‘Force Quit‘ and then trying to launch it again.

5. Not getting Notified

Sometimes you might face an issue of not getting notified. To solve the issue you might have to check your app settings.

Solving the issue-

  1. Click on your profile picture that is in the top right corner of the screen and after that choose settings.
  2. Then head down to the Notifications options.
  3. After you reach there, just make sure that they are all set correctly or the options are enabled/turned on.

So these are the five common issues one might face while using the Teams apps. Follow the solutions to solve the issues and make your experience hassle-free!