God created man for dominion. You and I are destined by God to exercise dominion on earth. However, dominion/rulership is not possible where there is complacency. The question is; what is complacency? It means to be untimely self satisfied and contended: to be placid and to be self righteous.

When you think you have had enough, then you have shut the door against more. Complacency kills inspiration and motivation; it kills the desire to do more or go further. The issue of contentment and complacency must  be clarified. Contentment is being happy and thankful to God for what He has given you per time. It does not mean stopping at that point. Whatever God has done for you must be appreciated. If you are happy with it, he will do more. In fact, God wants to do more but if you are complacent, you have automatically shut the door.

Dominion is your right. Understand that you are created not to be an underdog. Once you have that understanding, you will be well positioned to ‘fight’ is used because it will require a dodged determination to free yourself from the forces of distractions and limitations.

Do not be complacent; do not think that you have had enough. Refuse all discouragement on your way to dominion. Do not rest on your oars but put in all it takes to reach the top. Receive a divine mandate to succeed in whatever you lay your hands upon by God’s grace


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Last Update: March 31, 2019

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