Netflix after several big hits in 2019 decides to make a new anthology series with the help of George Kay and Jim Field Smith named “Criminal: UK TV Series” or Criminal: United Kingdom”.

It is a new crime drama series that is dropped on a popular and top-rated streaming service “Netflix”. This 12-episode series set in four different countries that are France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany and four different languages.

Apart from this there are various uncover details about the web series like its cast, storyline and more importantly how to watch and download this new series are available on Netflix and also mentioned below.

What is the storyline of Criminal: UK new season?

A criminal is the collection of unique stories that over four countries. Every three episodes of the series are filmed in a different country that confined to the same interrogation room, briefing room and hall connecting the two.

The series focuses on the similarity and difference in the interrogation technique of four major countries (France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany) with the criminal or suspect.

One side of the series shows the personal life and office politics. While its other side how to examine a suspect’s mind and catch them.

It shows London investigators who are busy playing a psychological cat and mouse game with their suspects to find out the truth that they need to solve the problem.

Criminal UK: Episodes

Only the three episodes of the series came into limelight on September 20 that are named as

  • Episode 1: Edgar
  • Episode2: Stacey
  • Episode 3: Jay

When the Criminal UK will be released on Netflix?

This 2019 British police procedural anthology series premiered on Netflix on September 20, 2019. Every episode of this new Netflix show is written and directed in respective countries.

Criminal: UK Cast Netflix

Creator and writer of popular series Criminal: France, Stag, Criminal: Germany, Jim field Smith and George Kay have created this new series. This 12 episode series cast includes several famous Hollywood personalities which is named as

Real Name Series Name
David Tennant Dr. Edgar Fallon
Hayley Atwell Stacey Doyle
Nicholas Pinnock Paul Ottager, Detective Inspector
Katherine Kelly Natalie Hobbs, Detective Inspector
Mark Stanley Hugo Duffy, Detective Constable
Lee Ingleby Tony Myerscough, Detective Sergeant
Lolita Chakrabarti Anita Baines, Solicitor

Criminal UK: Reviews

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