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Crypto App that Pays you to get Fit!

Crypto App that pays to stay fit | STEPN

Here is something interesting that you need to keep an eye on!. What would motivate you to be fit? Neither I know! nor none of us can specify it. As it changes from person to person. But just imagine if you are getting paid to be fit, then isn’t that the best motivation?. Obviously Yes! Right… So your imagination about this comes to reality with this App named STEPN that is currently running app offers for its users. They can encash rewards to get more active.

“We wanted to incentivise people to change their behaviour and do more exercise & It’s a way to share the benefits of Web3 technologies with a new and diverse pool of fitness enthusiasts.”

– Yawn Rong, co-founder of STEPN

How to Get Started?

Crypto App that pays to stay fit | STEPN App

To participate, users must download the STEPN app and then buy a virtual pair of sneakers in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). Once they’ve done that, each time they go for a walk, jog or run outside, STEPN’s GPS tracking and motion sensor technology monitors how far they have traveled and rewards them with tokens. These tokens can then be spent inside the game – on upgraded sneakers, for example – or cashed out into hard currency.

Earn while you

Rong says the minimum that users can expect to earn is $25 for 10 minutes of activity and that some users are earning as much as $4,500 a day. But many people don’t take all the cash, he adds. They use their earnings to acquire new NFTs within the game, take part in trading with other players, and elect to give some of their cash to good causes.

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If all this sounds too good to be true, there is a catch. To start playing, you’ll need to buy those NFT sneakers, which are priced in Sol, the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain, on which STEPN operates. 

In the coming months, STEPN hopes to introduce a sneaker rental feature in order to get around this significant upfront cost of taking part. New players would rent sneakers from someone already in the game, splitting the revenue they earn with the sneaker owner until they earn enough to buy their own NFT sneakers.

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