“The Suicide Squad” actors’ choice keeps impressing us, now another superstar is going to join the Movie and it seems like this star will be John Cena.

There is variety of reports about John Cena talking to DC films about joining suicide squad part 2 but still nothing is granted.

We still don’t know which character John Cena will be playing.

One thing we are sure about it is that the former wrestler will definitely play his role perfectly.

There’s no revealed details about whether he will be part of the main team or going against them.

We can not wait to know what role will he play the movie.

About the Movie “Suicide Squad”

The first part of “Suicide Squad” was released in August 1, 2016.

After Superman’s death, Amanda Waller the intelligence officer convinced Washington D.C. officials to allow her to assemble Task Force X.

“Task Force X” is a team of dangerous criminals that is imprisoned at Belle Reve Special Security Barracks.

I won’t go further in details about the movie so I won’t spoil the movie for who still haven’t watched it.

There is no further details about the date the movie will be released in.

Either way we are sure that John Cena will add more excitement to the movie despite what role will he play.

John Cena proved himself to be a talented actor since his movie “The Marines”.

His career as an actor has been in a success since he started acting.

Cena will soon play a spy in “The Janson Directive” that is being produced by Dwayne Johnson.

Now we wonder if Johnson, who will join the DC Universe as Black Adam had any hand in bringing his fellow wrestler John Cena into the fold.

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Last Update: April 18, 2019