Enjoy playing survival game? Deliver Us Mars is one of the latest sci- fi survival game releases that you must play!

Do you remember 2019’s popular sci-fi thriller game, Deliver Us The Moon? Deliver us the Moon is one of the most popular sci fi puzzle game that will keep you hooked up. The hit sci-fi thriller game was a hit one and now its follow up game- Deliver Us Mars is here for all the game lovers!

Deliver Us Mars– A sci-fi adventure survival game

Deliver Us The Moon is one of the very popular sci- fi puzzle games out there. It even won awards for its excellent storyline, graphics, and gameplay that allowed players to wonder around the moon while solving puzzles.

Owing to the popularity of the Deliver Us the Moon, its sequel was highly anticipated by gamers from across the world. The sequel game to 2019’s super hit space game finally released on 2 February 2023 and here is all that you need to know about the new sci- fi survival game.

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What is the story of Deliver Us Mars?

As we already know, Deliver Us Mars is the sequel or follow up game of Deliver Us The Moon. So, the story of this newly releases sci- fi game starts ten years after the mission Fortuna that was depicted in Deliver us the moon. The humanity is on the verge of extinction in this sci-fi adventure survival game.

In this newly released video game, you will be playing the role of Kathy Johanson. Kathy is the youngest astronaut in Earth. She is also the younger sister of the main character from Deliver Us The Moon, Claire Johanson.
In this survival game, Kathy Johanson and her team responds to a strange distress call and they soon crash onto Mars. As Kathy and her team crash on Mars, the young astronaut takes on the responsibility of leading her crew. They take on the task of finding ARK colony ships that was stolen by Outward and bring them back to earth to ensure the survival and future of human race.

With an interesting sci-fi storyline, Deliver Us Mars is one of the best game releases of February 2023 that you must play. You will have quite some fun playing this sci- fi adventure game as you take on the role of Kathy and explore the mysterious terrains of Mars to find the ARK colony ships.

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What is the gameplay of Deliver Us Mars?

Deliver Us Mars is newly released sci- fi adventure, survival and puzzle game. It is a sequel game to the 2018’s sci-fi hit Deliver Us The Moon. As already mentioned above, you will be taking on the role of a young astronaut who crashed on Mars in this video game and must find an important technology for survival of humans.

The gameplay of this new video game is similar to that of Deliver Us The Moon. You will have to solve various puzzles in both first- and third-person perspectives as you make your way through the harsh Martian landscape.

A new addition to the gameplay of this sci-fi survival video game is the climbing axes. The new climbing axes give a new dimension to the game. You can also use them to go around obstacles and explore new places. In addition, there will also be areas where you can scuba dive and fly through zero gravity while still solving the game’s numerous riddles. 

The vehicle sections of the game will also be included in this game. You will be able to travel around the rough terrains of Mars with the help of the more polished approach to vehicle gameplay in Deliver Us Mars.

The gameplay as well the storyline of this newly released survival game is quite fun and interesting. You will definitely enjoy playing this sci- fi video game.

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Is there any trailer for the sci-fi puzzle game?

Yes, there is a trailer for the sci- fi puzzle game, Deliver Us Mars! The first reveal trailer of the highly anticipated sequel game to Deliver us the moon released on March 2022 and gives us a glimpse of the atmosphere of the rough Mars terrain.

You can watch the first reveal trailer of the sci-fi survival adventure game here.

The story trailer of the game is also out and it gives you a glimpse into the storyline of the game. You can watch the story trailer of the survival game here.

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Where can I play the new sci-fi survival game, Deliver Us Mars?

Deliver Us Mars released officially on 2 February . The game was originally supposed to release on 22 September last year. However, its release was delayed further to ensure that this sequel game lived up to the expectations of the fans. And so it was finally released on 2nd February after ensuring that it was at its greatest.

Deliver Us Mars has now officially released on several platforms for the space game lovers to enjoy! You can play the follow up game to Deliver us the moon in the following platforms:
PlayStation 5
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Microsoft Windows
Xbox Series X
Xbox Series S

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