Suddenly the word depression is very much in the news. People from all dimensions and sectors are aggressively talking about it. It is not like that people did not know about it but they never bothered about it.

Sudden ultimate death of our favorite actor Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput has forced us to think about this issue differently.

Time has come that we should discuss this issue at length and breadth. Not just doctors or physicians but people from all the horizons should start to focus on this issue.

Extent of depression

It is a bitter truth that we have to accept that the roots of depression have grappled our society very firmly, but we believe it when we see the consequences of depression in front of our eyes. We as a society has still neither accepted it as a disease nor are ready to be vocal on this.

Causes of depression

We, humans, are social animals. We need a society to live in. But the equation of greed, power, and influence weakens our societal bond and a fake caring and loving tendency develop in our society.

When this fake love and care overpowers the societal bond then the real problem starts, because everybody tries to use others for their benefit.

In this stage, everyone in the society feels lonely inside the crowd and few of them go to the next level and suffer from the so-called depression.

What happens in depression?

What happens in depression
What happens in depression

Depression is like an insect continuously drilling inside your head. A feeling of fear develops just like the way paranoid people feel. The person shows signs of worry and insecurity. Surrounding people or surround equipment may force the person to develop such a tendency. The person becomes very much negative in his thinking.

How do societies feel about depression?

Most people in our society feel this is a part and parcel of life and they are ok with it as it is a normal tendency of humans. But I want to make it very clear that this is not normal. We need to find remedies for it.

Solution of depression

We as a society need to stand together against this grave issue and educate people about it. It is very much ok to feel low but feeling continuous negative impulses must be addressed.

We attend a level of depression when all the excitement and positivity within us ends. We need to revive ourselves by finding some other way to keep ourselves motivated.

Motivation is the antidote to depression. A self-motivated person can never allow negativity to enter his mind. We need to talk to expert people about the situation and ask for their advice.

Experience plays an important role to counter depression. An experienced person knows what not to do in this situation.

The most important medicine for depression is our education system. We need to change our educating system and prepare our students for failure. Obviously, success is important but at the same time handling failure is also to be learned because success is not always guaranteed.

Depression id a psychological disease hence it should be cured by psychological means. Psychology deals with various aspects of our minds and thought. We need to take help from psychological experts during this period.

Lastly, depression does not mean one should end his life but one should fight and strive to come out of this as it is life and life is very beautiful.

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