Oscar-nominated director and author of 90s novel “The Beach”, Alex Garland has brought a new thriller miniseries of 2020 “Devs”. While it’s an FX original, it is the first such show that will be offered exclusively for streaming on Hulu.

Focus on a computer engineer “Lily Chan” who investing a quantum computing company Amaya and feels the company is responsible for the disappearance of her boyfriend. The series contains various twists and turns that never foreseen before.

What Is the Storyline of Devs:

FX original series “Devs” focuses on a computer engineer Lily Chan who works in a cutting-edge tech company Amaya based in Silicon Valley. After her boyfriend Sergei’s disappearance and apparent suicide, she suspects foul play and began to investigate. She feels suspicious about the company’s secretive division “Devs” and starts doubting the company’s enigmatic CEO Forest. 

In her journey of finding the truth, she comes to know about a technology-based conspiracy that could change the world and may create problems in the future.

No doubt the eight-episode series in its first three episodes gain huge love and audience appreciation. It has been released in a few countries and earned a dedicated following in a short time.

Where you watch this new series?

The new series Devs premiere on March 5, 2020, on two channels, FX and Hulu. So, you can watch this series on FX, if you have this channel.

But if you have don’t have this channel, you also enjoy this interesting thriller on best streaming giant Hulu with its 30 days free trial plan and its affordable plans.

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Devs: Cast

The cast of this techno-thriller drama includes Sonoyo Mizuno as Lily Chan, a computer engineer, Nick Offerman as Forest, Amaya CEO, Zack Grenier as Kenton, Security head at Amaya, Jin Ha as Jamie, cyber-security specialist, and Lily’s ex-boyfriend, Stephen McKinley Henderson as Stewart, Devs team member, and others.

Devs: Trailer

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