Do Revenge one of the most awaited Netflix comedy movie is finally out! Here’s what the hype for the film is all about.

What is Do Revenge about?

This movie has basically everything you would want in a film. There’s revenge, comedy, tragedy and lots of entertainment for sure. First things first, what is Do Revenge about? Well, you must have guessed from the name itself. The movie is about getting revenge. The film is based initially on a psychological thriller, Strangers on a Train. The original movie is about two strangers who meet on a train and decide to exchange murders! Their plan is to kill each other’s haters so that none of them would have an actual motive during the investigation.

Although that is not the actual story of Do Revenge, it is somewhat similar. In this movie, two high schoolers decide to go after each other’s bullies. Two girls Drea and Elanor are the outcasts due to rumours in their high school. Drea experiences shock when a topless video of hers goes viral. Moreover, this video was only meant for her boyfriend Max but is soon the talk of the school. Elanor on the hand is bullied when rumours about her pinning down Carissa and kissing her speeds in school. The two girls feel sympathy towards each other and hence decided to go after each other’s bullies. How the Revenge turns out is something we would have to watch. Here’s the trailer for Do Revenge available on Netflix from 16th September.

What is all the hype for the movie about?

The movie was highly awaited mainly because of its cast. The cats include Riverdale lead Veronica that is Camila Mendes and Stranger Things lead Robin that is Maya Hawke as the lead in Do Revenge. Moreover, the supporting cast includes Rish Shah, Sophie Turner, Alisha Boe and Austin Abrams!

Camila Mendes as Drea

Maya Hawke as Eleanor

Austin Abrams as Max (Drea’s Boyfriend)

Ava Capri as Carissa Jones

Rish Shah as Russ

Alisha Boe as Tara

Sophie Turner as Erica

Rachel Matthews as Allegra

The movie is an absolute hit among fans since its release. On Twitter alone, the film is getting attention, with over 17,000 tweets. In an interview with NBC news director and stars of the film expressed their views on the movie.

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson expressed her views on the film.

“I wanted to make a story where everyone was the hero, and everyone was also the villain,” Robinson said.

Maya Hawke said that the movie has a vision and that’s what brought her in.

“It’s shockingly rare that you hear from someone that really makes you understand how much it means to them to make this movie. That’s all you really want …. and a vision,”

Camila Mendes expressed that this is a beautiful story about healing trauma.

“It’s different in a million ways. It’s so fresh and original and also has all these amazing nostalgic references. And, on top of that, the emotional depth of the movie — it’s a really beautiful story about healing your trauma.”

I definitely think the movie is going to be worth the hype. There’s only one way to find out. Do Revenge is available on Netflix from 16th September.

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