The choice you make determines the chance you have. In other words: the choice you have is dictated by the choice you make. Every human being is a potential success but some turn their potentialities into realities while some make a mess of theirs.

The chance to succeed or to fail is at pal: every successful person could have been a failure but chose otherwise and every failure could have been successful if they did not choose otherwise. You are created; that is the essence of your been created in the image and in the likeness of God.

Man has a will; he can decide on wants to do per time. Every choice you make has a consequence. Every human being make an average of 67 decisions per day: some major, some minor. You get out of bed everyday to decide on what to do in order of priorities, either to take your bath before washing, the type of dress to put on, the kind of food to eat, places to visit etc. Looking at the book of God, ’Moses chose to suffer affliction with the people of God’. It was his choice; you too should not live your life by chance. Never allow anything or anybody to force contrary things on you outside your choice.

Take only quality and Godly decisions. Remember! What you are and where you are today are products of your yesterday’s decisions. Where and what your tomorrow will be are dependent on the choice or choices you make today. Therefore, it is better to be slow and do things correctly than to rush only to regret later. The rest of your life will be free of regrets. Receive ability to make right choices by God’s grace


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Last Update: March 28, 2019