Want to check the sharpness of your or your kids’ memory? Then try this interesting new memory game Doodle Matching. 

In the present time, we mostly spend time with mobile phones by watching movies or TV series on them or by playing some action-adventure type of games. 

Kids are always investing most of their time in watching videos on mobile phones or playing unwanted games. 

Doodle Matching memory game is the solution for adults and kids to enjoy the game on mobile phones along with sharpening their memory skills. 

This game is the best mind game that benefits the human brain. It enhances memorizing power as well as checks the concentration level. Children of all age groups and even adults can enjoy this game. 

To know in detail about this game, its modes, and compatible platform. Check the blog below. 

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What is Doodle Matching Memory Game? 

Doodle Matching Game in simple words is a memory-based game played by every age group person. 

It involves cards that you need to memorize to win this easy-played game and it is good for memory exercise. 

It is published by Ignite.rs and its Google Play Store rating is 4.6 out of 5. The game was released on August 2014 and it was updated to a new version in September 2023.

5000 plus downloads are already done of this game. 

How to play this interesting game? 

There are certain steps to play this interesting memory-based game. 

  • First, see all cards turned face down
  • Tap one card and memorize the picture on it
  • With the next tap try to find the pair with the same picture as the previous one
  • If the pictures on both card matches, the card will disappear
  • Both cards flip back
  • The game was complete when all the cards on the board disappeared. 

How many modes does the memory game have? 

The memory game has multiple board sizes. It includes almost 9 board sizes that are 2*3, 3*4, 4*4, 4*5, 5*6, 6*6, 6*7, 7*8, 8*8 and other random and all board marathon mode. 

The game contains two modes- Single-player mode and multiplayer mode. So, you can play it individually or with your friends, relatives, kids, and others. 

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What are the compatible platforms to play this game? 

The Doodle Matching Memory game is compatible to play on any device. The required OS for this is Android 5.0 and up. 

The best of this game is it is free to play and its download size is 15.82 MB. 

Where you can download Doodle Matching Memory Game? 

The online game is available on both platforms to play. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store to play this awesome memory game. 

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