Eliza Taylor is a well-known actress from Australia. Eliza Taylor is most known for playing Clarke Griffin on the CW’s renowned post-apocalyptic series The 100. She has also worked on theatre, television, and film. Eliza took a chance and moved to Hollywood after polishing her acting skills in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The gamble came off handsomely. In addition to being a successful actor, she is a humanitarian who co-founded a non-profit school in Thailand.

Eliza Taylor abides best known for her role as Clarke on The CW’s dystopian young adult sci-fi series “The 100,” in which she portrayed a tough bisexual young woman who unexpectedly becomes the leader of a post-apocalyptic group of survivors who arrive on Earth. Taylor’s portrayal of Clarke was a breath of fresh air in the genre, as her character’s bravery and ingenuity connected with audiences across the board. Clark was a powerful yet emotional woman who was only trying to protect those she cared about. She was a caretaker you didn’t want to mess with.

As a result, everyone who admires her wants to know more about her and has a long list of questions for her to answer. So you’ve arrived at the correct address. All of your questions will be answered. In this section, I discuss his personal life, work, and other topics. So, if you’re interested, go ahead and read the whole thing.

About Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor (born Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter) abides an Australian actress who is mainly famous for her roles as Sarah Redding in the children’s television series “Pirate Islands” and Clarke Griffin in the television series “The 100.” She is well known for her role in the soap opera ‘Neighbours’ as Janae Timmins. She also appears in the drama series ‘The Sleepover Club,’ ‘Blue Heelers,’ ‘Blue Water High,’ ‘Rush,’ ‘All Saints,’ ‘Winners & Losers,’ ‘Mr & Mrs. Murder,’ and ‘Nikita,’ among others. ‘6 Plots,’ ‘Patrick,’ and ‘The November Man’ are just a few of the films in which the actress has been on stage and in front of the camera.

In her spare time, Taylor, who teaches acting at The Actors Nest, enjoys writing songs and playing the guitar. In terms of honors and accolades, she has nominate for a number of prominent awards throughout her career in entertainment, including the Inside Soap Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and All About Soap Awards.

Eliza Taylor began her acting career in 2003 with the major part of Sarah Redding in the film ‘Pirate Islands.’ She later starred in the drama ‘The Sleepover Club’ as Rosie Cartwright. She then went on to play Janae Timmins in the TV show ‘Neighbours.’ The actress appeared in an episode of ‘Blue Water High’ in 2006. She made her acting debut in the drama ‘Rush’ two years later. Taylor abides then cast in supporting roles in the 2009 dramas ‘Packed to the Rafters and ‘All Saints.’ She also appeared in the short film ‘The Laundromat’ during that year. She also joined the cast of ‘The 100’ as Clarke Griffin around The November Man period.

Eliza Taylor Best Series To Watch Now

Here is the list of best TV series by Eliza Taylor you can watch now.

  • Neighbours
  • The 100
  • Nikita
  • City Homiside
  • Pirate Islands
  • Rush
  • Blue Water High
  • Sleepover Club
  • Packed to the Rafters

Some Interesting Facts About Eliza Taylor

Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter was born on October 24, 1989, in Melbourne, Australia. She grew raised with two sisters and a brother in Melbourne. Eliza wanted to be a Marine Biologist since she was a little girl. She quickly realized, however, that she actually wanted to be an actress. Taylor was a theatre buff who took theatrical classes throughout her childhood and at Melbourne’s Calder High School.

She is well-known for her roles as Clarke Griffin in the CW show “The 100” and Sarah Redding in the children’s show Pirate Islands.

Taylor is best known for her hilarious Vine videos, which come up as the second result when you type her name into the Google search bar.

Taylor’s Twitter, Instagram, and Vine profiles all include photos of her holding platters of food and eating out with friends; in fact, her Vine account description describes her as a “food enthusiast.” On the other hand, chocolate is her favorite food.

Claire Wyndham and Eliza Wyndham met in acting class and became fast friends. The Koh Tao Not-for-Profit Primary School was founded by Eliza and Clair. Children of various ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds receive an equal education at the school. The school continues to rely on volunteers and benefactors despite a lack of funding and limited ground space.

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