“Facts don’t care about your feelings,” says Ben Shapiro’s campaign motto. And he is correct in his assessment. Facts are unaffect by our emotions. Facts are unaffect by our emotions. Feelings are untrustworthy, but facts are. Feelings don’t matter as much as facts. On the other hand, we live in a postmodernist society. The truth has changed. In this day and age, facts are frowned upon. Science has now devolved into a form of hate speech. We’re increasingly perceiving the world around us based on our emotions rather than facts.

Facts may become obsolete as a result of postmodernism. As a result, although facts are unconcerned about sentiments, people are. People are more concerned with feelings than with facts—at least, that is how it used to be. The slogan encapsulates a simple truth: college isn’t about hiding from scary facts or censoring opposing viewpoints, and no matter what you do, life will not rearrange reality to accommodate your fragile emotions. Accepting these unpleasant facts allows us to comprehend the complex reality of the world we live in, which is necessary for us to operate as human beings.

It’s a strong message, and logical people should find it difficult to disagree with it. It’s also a perfect statement in the context. The solution to the issue “should we avoid facts because of our feelings?” might be as simple as “no.” It’s a simple argument to say that suppressing facts doesn’t make them go away, and this simple statement proves the simple reality.

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What Ben Shapiro Want to Explain in Facts don’t care about your feelings?

Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator and “guy on every poster this week. It was meant to speak at Stanford on the topic “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings,” a talk in which he was intended to educate leftists with cold facts and logic. However, it appears that even the best of us are succumbing to Week 7 since it is presently unknown whether Shapiro will be able to make his anticipated appearance.

Various statements from those close to Shapiro have told us a varied story. “Shapiro is seriously terrified by the recent air quality in the Bay Area,” an unnamed aide said on Oct. 31. It wasn’t the smoke, though. In reality, he is wary of breathing the same air as the Stanford liberals.”

Another assistant argued that the absence of a Notes from the Quad post from Provost Persis Drell suggested that there had not been enough disagreement to justify the trip. Ben had a midterm, according to our assumption. Who doesn’t have something to do this week? Facts may not be concerned with your sentiments, but they are concerned with your midterms.

“Ben recognizes the numerous extracurricular, work, and course commitments of Stanford students, particularly during midterm season, and recognizes the unfortunate timing of his planned visit,” Shapiro’s staff said in a statement. “As a result, we’re thinking of canceling the roast-sesh and rescheduling it for a later date.”

Last Update: December 22, 2021