ITV’s top release of February 2020 “Flesh and Blood” is a new type of crime drama that tuned its viewers in to work out the identity of the victim as well as the culprits in the coastal mystery. The new show opened the eyes of the people with its perfect scenes and dialog.

Set on the Sussex coast, the new series of 2020 is the story of the modern family that trapped towards a tragedy and possible crime. The four-part series shows the life of three siblings whose life gets disturbed when their recently widowed mother announces that she starts loving a new man.

Full of rivalries, secrets, truths, lies, crime, betrayals, the popular web show contains various twists and turns which you love to watch and download. Here we mention all details related to this 2020 amazing series.

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Flesh and Blood: Storyline

Flesh and Blood start with three teenage siblings- Helen, Jake, and Natalie whose lives get disrupted when their newly widowed mother Vivien starts loving a new man and retired person GP Mark.

On the 70th birthday celebration of Vivien, the pair shares their true feelings for each other. Her children’s suspense was increased when they know this news because they think that their mother is shifting priorities away from her family. They start doubting their mother and her 45 years of marriage. The positive memories of childhood start fading and the circumstances become more complicated.

The things become worse when neighbor Mary, who lived next to Vivien for 40 years starts interfering in their family and creating issues. Her unhealthy attachment increases the problem in their family.

The crime drama series of 2020 contains a total of four interesting and surprising episodes that are good to watch.

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Where to watch this new series?

The new series “Flesh and Blood” premiere on February 24, 2020, is available on popular website So, you can watch online and download this series here.

You also get all the important information and news related to this series on the best entertainment website name Hard2Know.

Watch Online and Download here

Flesh and Blood: Cast

Created by Sarah Williams, the cast of miniseries include various good characters such as Imelda Staunton as Mary, Francesca Annis as Vivien, Claudie Blakley as Helen, Russell Tovey as Jake, Lydia Leonard as Natalie, Stephen Rea as Mark, Karan Gill as PC Issac Cory and many others.

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Flesh and Blood: Trailer

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