Flight/Risk the new Amazon Prime Documentary is now available worldwide. Here’s what the documentary is about.

What is Flight/Risk about?

Turning real-life events into movies is quite famous nowadays. And Amazon Prime is the leading OTT platform in the case of documentaries. Documentaries offer an inside view of the tragedy or the national event. Moreover, they give an overall view of the sufferers, families, the police, rescuers, etc. Flight/Risk is one such Amazon Prime Documentary.

The story of this documentary film follows the lives of the people in the two Boeing 737 Max airplane crash. Moreover, the two crashes took place just five months apart! The story covers each and every perspective of the crash. How the crash actually happened? How did the mistake happen twice? Are there any survivors? How did they rescue the passengers? Answers to all these questions lie in Amazon Prime Documentary Flight/Risk. Here’s the trailer for Flight/Risk.

What will we see in the documentary?

As said earlier this film is based on real-life events. It follows the story of people in the Boeing 737 plane crash. The story follows the perspective of survivors or survivors’ families, rescuers, and their legal teams. Moreover, the story has additional support from Seattle Times journalist Dominic Gates.

Dominic Gates provides essential information related to the two plane crashes. Although there were very few survivors, the documentary has a special guest. Zipporah Kuria is the daughter of one of the passengers on the flight. She describes the whole event through the eyes of a little girl in the plane crash.

Not only the survivors but the documentary also gives ex-Boeing employee Edward Pierson’s take on the crash. Moreover, Aviation analyst Justin Green¬†and attorney Eric Havian will also be in the documentary. This 1 hour 38 minutes documentary gives you a real-life experience of the original plane crash and is definitely worth a watch! Available on September 9 on Amazon Prime.

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