Game of Thrones and Vikings are the two best action dramas of the historical period. These two shows hold many similarities like conflicts, family war, violence, sex, and English accents. Both have an amazing team of actors and actresses, soundtracks and scenery, but the question arises which one is the best and why? Continue to read Game of Thrones vs Vikings

1. Historical connection:

Although, both belong to the historical period, yet Vikings cling more directly to real medieval history. Its story revolves around a single influential family while on the other hand, Game of Thrones emphasis fantasy with historic influences. It covers a wider group of powerful families’ conflicts with each other for the thrones.

Vikings Season one started in the Eastern Baltic in 793 A.D., an important date that shows the starting of Vikings age. While on the other hand Game of Thrones shows Westeros, which does not have a real existence in history.

2. Character Viewpoint

The storyline of the Game of Thrones is vast and epic. It covers several different characters narrated from different books from start till the end. It provides viewers a wide area to see the culture, world-building, and overarching plots. In one minute, we see two different perspectives, one covering the frozen north and the next shows the desert.

While Vikings do not have multiple perceptions, most of the part of the series focuses on the Ragnar and his sons. It rarely shows Wessex and the other kingdoms of Great Britain.

3. Costume variation and look

Vikings character’s looks and costumes are interesting. The detailed makeup, amazing look, battle scars and tattoos,

Costume variation and look

transform them into an impressive character that looks natural and unique. While on the other side, the characters of Game of Thrones have the same type of appearance throughout the series, with some less difference.

4. Religious and Rituals

Both top-rated shows have a strong belief in religion. In Vikings Seasons, we see a clear religion history and cool mythology, when talking about the Paganism and Christianity. The show strongly touches Buddhism ideology but other religion doesn’t cover in detail.

Game of Thrones is a combination of various religions that draw influence from various human history religions. The most important religion we see in the South of the region is “The Faith of seven”, the second is the “Old Gods of the Forest and the Iron Islands, the Drowned God” of the north. Throughout Westeros, we see various religious rituals are done at Great Septs or Weirwood trees.

5. Timeline follower

While talking about the timeline, Vikings are the best than Game of Thrones. In its various seasons, the character gets older, boys become men, men get older, this gives the story a fresh look every season. But on the other hand, in Game of Thrones, time passes (a month or year) but boy will remain a boy and men remain, men, no big change takes place in the characters, their dress-up and their looks.

6. Fights

Vikings offer better fight scenes than the Game of thrones. Every battle of Vikings is well choreographed and executed.

Game of thrones fights
Source: Vanity

From start, the series shows warriors soaked in blood and ready to battle. While Game of Thrones also has some good fight scenes but these are not epic as Vikings.

7. Royal Villians

Both stories have various strong villains that thrill hearts from inside. But King Joffrey is that most-hated villain of history. Thinking about his cruel things, increase hate towards him. However, Earl Haraldson of Viking is also an arrogant, selfish and hated villain but quite less than King Joffrey.

8. Bloodshed

In terms of Bloodshed and battles, both shows have impressed the audience.


The killing of main characters and blood-soaked sword are the major part of both the shows that increase with every new season. The cruelness, torture and fire-raining warfare amaze the audience in every new Vikings seasons and Game of Thrones seasons.