Games of Thrones are surely a name that never goes away from the hearts of people. It is not just a series but a full package of entertainment filled with blood, sweat, wildfire, romance, throne, adventure, and excitement.

Many winters may come and go but Game of Thrones series manage its charm in every single episode of eight seasons. Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, Cersei, Hodor, Tyrion and every single character of this series done the magnificent job under the guidance of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Games of Thrones are a top-rated series created by HBO. We all love to watch and read about its 73 episodes again and again. So, those who have not to watch the series yet, check out its season’s details and how to watch and download this fantasy series.

Game of thrones Season 1 (2011)

Season one of Games of Thrones consists of a total of 10 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on April 11, 2011.

The action starts in the unified Seven Kingdoms of Westeros with the long summer ending and winter are near to start. King Robert Baratheon asked his friend Eddard Stark to become his “Hand of King” (Chief Advisor) after the death of Jon Arryn (Eddard’s mentor). Eddard accepts Robert offers as he thinks his mentor was murdered and by accepting the position he easily investigates the case.

At the same time, the eastern continent of Essos, the exiled children of House Targaryen, which King Robert deposed to, gets the throne, are planning to come back to Westeros. For this, Viserys Targaryen, son of the deposed king, arrange the marriage of his sister Daenerys to the leader of Dothraki warrior, Khal Drogo.

Ancient brotherhood swore off the “Night’s Watch”, guard the massive wall on the northernmost borders of seven kingdoms. The watch protects the wall from hostile tribes (Wildlings) and humanoid creatures (White Walkers). But a new threat was coming on land in winter.

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Game of thrones Season 2 (2012)

Season second of Games of Thrones consists of a total of 10 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on April 1, 2012.

The second season shows the war of Throne in seven kingdoms. King of North, Robb Stark declares war against seven kingdoms, to win independence for his people and Riverlands. Robb sends his friend Theon Greyjoy to treat his father.  At the same time, Joffrey Baratheon holds Iron Throne with the support of House Lannister, but his uncle Renly also claim the throne with the backing of House Tyrell.

Stannis, the Red Priestess of the Lord of Light kills Renly and attack on King’s landing with the support of Melisandre, but he was successfully defended by Tyrion Lannister (Hand of King and Queen Cersei’s younger brother).

In Essos, Daenerys hatched the only three dragons in the world that destroy the cities at her command. Daenerys and her khalasar take refuge in Qarth. But after an attempt to steal her dragons, she leaves the city.

In the distant North, Jon Snow gains the trust of a hostile tribe, while watch members are attacked by White walkers and their corpses.

Game of thrones Season 3 (2013)

 Season Third of Games of Thrones consists of a total of 10 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on March 31, 2013.

When Robb refused to marry Lord Frey’s daughter, Frey planned to kill Robb and his family during the wedding feast. After Robb’s death, Lord Roose Bolton appointed as new warden by the new hand of King (Lord Tywin Lannister).

Would be King, Renly has been assassinated. Joffrey Baratheon decides to marry Margaery of House Tyrell and won a great victory against his uncle Stannis.

On the eastern continent, Daenerys with her dragons gaining fame but to get the “Iron Throne” she needs army support. She then joins forces with second sons, a company of mercenaries, who win two cities.

In the distant North, White Walkers are on move to threaten the seven kingdoms and the land of Folks. While on the other hand John Snow climbs the wall with the hostile tribe and ends up on its south side, but then betrays them.

Game of thrones Season 4 (2014)

Season four of Games of Thrones contains a total of 10 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on April 6, 2014.

Robb Stark is dead, betrayed by his the own bannermen the Boltons and Freys. After that most of the part of North leadership is finished as his whole family was killed at the massacre known as the Red Wedding.

In King’s land, Olena poisoned the crazed boy-king Joffrey on his wedding day with her grandmother Margaery. But Joffrey family accused Tyrion of the murder and conspires to smuggle Tyrion to Essos.

Jon Snow returned to the night watch and defends the Castle Black against the powerful army of Wildlings. The Watch saved by Stannis Baratheon and his army.

In Slaver’s Bay, the biggest threat is rapidly growing for Lannister rule. Daenerys now commands not only his dragons but a huge team of eight thousand warriors.

Game of thrones Season 5 (2015)

Season five of Games of Thrones contains a total of 10 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on April 12, 2015.

In the Wall, John Snow elected as Lord Commander of Night watch. He allies with Wildlings to save them from White Walkers and their army. However, some brothers, who consider him a traitor, stabbed him to death.

Arya reached in Braavos, where she met Jaqen H’ghar whom she helped to escape one day. She starts her training with a faceless man.

In King’s landing, for taking revenge of Oberyn death, Oberyn lover Ellaria and his daughter kill Mycrella. Joffrey’s young brother gets married to Margery (Joffrey’s wife). Stannis after an unsuccessful victory on Winterfall leads to death that Sansa an opportunity to escape with Theon.

In Essos, Daenerys accepted Tyrion as an advisor. The ruling city becomes difficult for Daenerys as the violence in the city is increasing rapidly.

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Game of thrones Season 6 (2016)

Season six of Games of Thrones contains a total of 10 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on April 24, 2016.

In Essos, Daenerys ally with Olenna Tyrell who wins control of Dorne. Daenerys takes control over Dothraki and defeats the slavers. Daenerys starts his journey towards seven kingdoms with his sister and Theon.

At the wall, Melisandra manages to save the life of Jon Snow, who then reunites with Sansa and leave the Night’s watch. With the help of Wildlings, Knights and loyalist defeat Jon and Boltons.

Three-eyed Raven, who is giving training to Bran, is killed in an attack of White Walkers. Bran managed to save his life and come to know a secret that Jon Snow is the son of Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and his deceased aunt.

In King’s place, Cersei killed Margery and every one by blowing a great Sept with wildfire and crowned as Queen.

Game of thrones Season 7 (2017)

Season seven of Games of Thrones contains a total of 10 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on July 16, 2016.

Bran comes to know that his aunt married to the crown prince Rhaegar and Jon was the true owner of the Iron throne.

On the other hand, Daenerys reach Westeros, although Jon arrives to save Westeros from White Walkers. But Night Kings (Leader of Walkers) kills and reanimates Daenerys’ Dragon Viserion. Night King also destroys a section of wall so that White Walkers and their army easily enter in the seven kingdoms.

At Winterfell, Sansa meets her siblings Aryan and Bran. Meanwhile, Theon sister Yara is kidnapped by Euron and he is out to save her.

Game of thrones Season 8 (2019)

Season eight of Games of Thrones contains a total of 7 episodes. It was premiered on HBO on April 14, 2019.

 Then save the life of Yara and come back to Winterfell. Jaime reveals that Queen Cersei is unable to defeat the Army of Dead. Daenerys and Jon come to know that Night king and his army has broken the wall. Sam also tells all truth to Jon Snow. Arya finally kills Night King and his army. Cersei and Jaime were also killed.

Finally, Bran Stark become the official king and makes north the Independent Kingdom. He appointed Tyrion as his chief advisor and Jon Snow is sentenced to Night’s Watch. Sansa becomes the Queen the north and Arya sails to explore west of Westeros.

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