“Glass” is a new movie that was released in January 2019.

It’s the squeal of the released movie in 2017 “Split”.

The movie is starting the Scottish actor “James McAvoy” as Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Kevin Wendell Crumb a psychopath who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and having 24 different personality.

If you haven’t watched “Split” you missed a lot of thrill, action and drama.

it’s better to watch the movie “split” before watching the second part “Glass”

The movie is category is : Thriller, Action, Supernatural and drama.

The Director of the movies “Split” & “Glass”

“Glass” director is M. Night Shyamalan who is one of the greatest directors in Hollywood.

M. Night Shyamalan the director of many famous well-known movies like the sixth sense, Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone and unbreakable.

“Split” got on the top of box office in January 2017, shockingly “Glass” made it to the top of box office in January 2019.

M. Night Shyamalan is the writer of the two movies.

The movie “Glass” rate is 6.8/10 according to IMDb.

I have watched the first movie “Split” and it’s really worth watching!!!

James MaAvoy that professional actor really played his part very well and his role was one of the toughest roles that not any actor can play!

His role was absolutely tough to play.

It should be noted that playing more than one character is not an easy deal.

Definitely I enjoyed watching the movie because of McAvoy acting skills in the first place and the plot in the second place.

The two movies have a unique plot.

“Glass” was also an epic squeal that i enjoyed watching it.

It was a movie that gathered Actor with an A+ skills together.

Clearly watching a movie that has James McAvoy in addition to Bruce Wills and Samuel L. Jackson is really thrilling.

unfortunately I should avoid talking about the movies that much to avoid spoiling them.

“Split” and “Glass” are my first recommendations for thrilling movies.

Last but not least I can watch these two movies over and over again.

Finally To watch to Watch “Glass” online for free click here

To watch and the movie “Split” online for free click here