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Good Omens: A new TV Series of 2019

A New TV Series of 2019.

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett have created a new TV series in 2019, named “Good Omens”. It is a comedy and fantasy TV show based on the 1990 fantasy novel of the same name. This popular TV show is directed by Douglas Mackinnon with two co-producers Amazon Studios and BBC Studios.

It is an interesting TV series that shows the tale of the bungling of Armageddon features an angel, a demon, a doomsaying witch and an eleven-year-old Antichrist. Its first episode started on Amazon prime video from 31st May 2019.

Stars of the Good Omens

  • David Tennant played the most important role of demon names “Crowley” who lived on Earth from the start.
  • Aziraphale, an angel played by popular actress Michael Sheen, who lived on Earth from the start.
  • The Antichrist, Adam Young role is played by Sam Taylor Buck.
  • The force of heaven is led by Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel.
  • Voice of the God is given by the narrator of the popular TV series “Frances McDormand”.
  • Michael McKean, the Witchfinder played by Sergeant Shadwell.
  • Jack Whitehall played the important role of Newton Pulsifer.

Good Omens episode

Good Omens is a short TV series of a total of 6 episodes. Besides its gaining highest popularity among people.

Episode1: In the Beginning

Starting plays an important role in any TV series. Therefore, the IMDB rating of this interesting beginning episode of Good Omens is 8.3.

Episode2: The Book

This highly liked episode of “Good Omens” is rated 8.4 by IMDB.

Episode3: Hard Times

It is the important and top-rated episode with 8.9 ratings.

Episode4: Saturday Morning Funtime

It is another good episode rated as 8.6 by IMDB.

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Episode5: The Doomsday Option

Good Omens, one of the best TV series of 2019. Along with that it also get 8.8 rating by IMBD.

Episode6: The very last day of the rest of their lives

The most important concluded episode shows the war to save the world. This final episode is rated 8.9 by IMDB.

Trailer of the show

Reviews of the people

 Shelia Taylor

I would watch an entire show just on Aziraphale & Crowley going through the history of the world. Michael Sheen and David Tennant are just brilliant in #GoodOmens.

Megan Chasteen

Finally finished #GoodOmens tonight and it is easily one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Perfect cast, perfect execution. @neilhimself you are a wonder!




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