Google Duo is a free video and audio calling app developed by Google. It is similar to what a Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Messenger, FaceTime or Skype is. Being available for both the IOS and Android devices makes it accessible to one and all. It can be even used on desktop version via the Google Chrome web browser.

How to set up an Account 

To set up an account on Duo the following needs to be performed, 

 First Install the ‘Google Duo’ app. 


Then you need to verify your phone number. (In case you want, you can skip the verification process)

  1. If the verification process is skipped, you will have to connect to your google account.
  2. After this enter, your number and tap Agree. The duo will send in a one-time SMS to the phone number you entered.
  3. Enter the code and start with it.
  4. Once you are on it, the people in your connections get to know that you are on the app. 
  5. Your entire contact list appears on the screen and then you can call, message or video call any one of them


You can also create a specific group with your friends and keep names making it more personalized. The maximum limit to select people to form groups is 8-12.


If you wish to add your google account then follow the steps below-

1.    Open the Google duo app

2.    Go to Settings

3.    Choose the ‘ADD ACCOUNT’ option

4.    Follow all the required steps on the screen.

Some Key Features 

  • It has one of the highest Video calling 
  • Extremely easy to use
  • The quality of the video is clear and visible
  • Brings more and more people together on a video call
  • Ensures safe, secure and reliable calls 
  • The effects and filters on google duo make it super interesting
  • You have the option to block all the unsolicited numbers or calls 


  • One of the most celebrated features of Google Duo is  ‘KNOCK-KNOCK’ (Settings>Knock-Knock)

It is a fascinating feature that Google Duo offers. This feature enables a ‘preview’ option to see the person calling on the other side of the line. So, every time you receive a call from a person who is in your contact list, you can see a live feed from their camera on your screen even before picking up the call.

  • Another extremely Beneficial Feature is the ‘LOW-LIGHT MODE’ (Settings>Low-Light mode)

Known for being one of the highest and one of the most reliable video calling platforms this feature definitely adds on to it. It automatically helps others see you better. On most of the platforms, the issues are usually related to the quality of the video, but Duo truly helps eliminate that issue! The automatic adjusting ability of this feature in regard to the light helps in smooth visual communication.

Summing Up, Google Duo has made the video calling and virtual connecting experience smooth and hassle-free.

Last Update: June 14, 2020