It is a very tough time that we are facing during coronavirus [Lockdown].

We as adults understand it well but what about children, who don’t allow playing in open grounds, not a friend to play. The pandemic affects their life a lot.

But in a tough time, we must become friends of our children and help them in passing their time in some good and fun-loving games and things, instead of using smartphones for a long time.

The best part is that you don’t have to take your child outside for this. We have brought some exclusive new hangout ideas that make this tough time easier for your children and you.

Cooking: Best Hangout Idea


Chocolate cakes, pastries, pasta, are loved by most of the children. They even crave for it. Why not use it as an idea to engage our children?

While cooking some tasty and delicious food like cake, ask your child to help in doing smaller things such as sparkling nuts over the cake, add cream to cake, etc.

Trust me the kid love to make a cake and other things with you and it may be possible that the kid starts helping you in the kitchen or cooking with asking.

Find out old memory albums


Today’s world is the technology-focused world and in which we use a mobile phone to keep all our photos and memories, but in past time photos are click by camera and album is made according to the functions, birthday celebration, etc.

Find out the albums and watch it with your children. Mind my words, they enjoy your old memories and the stories related to that particular incident or moment.

Teach them kitchen gardening


Monsoon is about to come and it is the right time to teach kids the kitchen gardening skills. If your house is having a beautiful lawn or garden then it easily for you to give them gardening tips, if not then balcony is also a good option.

From seed sowing to watering plants, teach kids each smaller tip related to gardening funnily and enjoyably.

Tip: Make sure they take an interest in it.



Dancing is the best hangout idea to refresh the mind and engage children. Some children like to dance and they do practice by playing songs on television and phones.

But the children you don’t have much interest in dancing also start taking an interest, by the idea mentioned below.

Start the music in the room with a sound little louder and move your body with the beat. The kids after seeing you dancing, start taking interest in it, and sooner or later, the kid also starts dancing with you.

Tip: You can also play music chairs and other games with them.

Childhood old games


Technology enters our life in the last few years. Before that, we spend our time or especially childhood without smartphones and television.

We play various indoor games sitting inside our houses. Why not we tell children about our childhood old games?

Remember hand clap game, Jump-Rope, Hopscotch, Rock, Paper, and Scissor, we all enjoy these games a lot at that time.

Organize a surprise video call with their friends


During the pandemic condition schools and other classes are closed. Children are missing their friends a lot. Why not give a surprise to them?

We recommend you by consulting your child friend’s parents; connect them through a video conference call and let them spend some together.

Believe me; your child loves this surprise hangout idea a lot.

Encourage your child to write letters


Summer is the time in which kids are excited to visit their grandparents and Nani house. But the pandemic has locked them to the houses.

We recommend you encourage them to write letters or make crafts or paintings for people, who they miss and send its picture via phone to them. You can always take him to the nearby post office with proper precautions, to post the letter. Trust me, it is among the best hangout ideas.

Go out for sometime


Outside air is important for a healthy and pleasant mind or mood. If your house is having a lawn or terrace, take your kid outside and spend some quality time.

Otherwise, if possible by taking proper precautions take your kid out for a walk, not in a playground or crowded area, just the safer place near your house.


These small-small hangout ideas mentioned above bring you and your children closer. It also develops positive thinking in kids and provides them the strength to face challenges and problems in life.

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