Warframe is a 2013 action-role-playing online multiplayer game developed by Digital Extremes. Harrow is a popular and one of the most popular hobbies among players who have access to a kit that allows them to inflict pain on themselves in order to get an advantage over their opponents. How to get Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe is the topic of this article.

The Prime Warframe rotation occurs every three months, as we are all aware. Fans of Warframe have been speculating on when the next Prime would be released since Nidus Prime was released a little over two years ago. Because Nidus is a male, another male frame is required to accommodate the two males and two females in rotation. Harrow Prime is coming out much sooner than we imagined in Warframe, according to the most recent Devstream.

How to get Harrow Prime

Harrow Prime will have to be achieved through Relics if every other Prime Warframe is any indication. He’ll have his own set of farmable Relics, each with a different likelihood of dropping each part. This includes the weaponry he’ll be equipped with when he’s released. The Relics have yet to be described in detail or made public.

Those who want to dodge Relic farming and grab Harrow right away should keep an eye out for the impending Prime Access, which will feature him as well as accessories. For only Harrow and his weapons, the price will be roughly $40 USD. Everything else, such as accessories, will be more expensive.

Mark your calendars for March 15th, Tenno, for it’ll be grind city in the next weeks, not only for the new items arriving in the New War but also for Harrow Prime and his distinctive loadout. Warframe is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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How to Farm and Get Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe

Each Warframe is made out of four components, which you can obtain through farming the correct Relics. As a result, it’s always a good idea to try to farm some extra relics. Harrow Prime Access, for example, will expire once a certain amount of time has passed. You can sell any extras to other players for Platinum.

These Relics, like all other Relics, can be farmed in both good and negative ways. Although the Prime Relics can be found in a variety of locales, the Orokin Void missions are the greatest. We’ll go over the objectives you’ll need to farm for each Relic type below.

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Hepit in the Void is the mission. The majority of the time, this void assignment drops Lith Relic. Players can now obtain Lith from another mission on Mars known as Olympus.


Jupiter’s IO mission. Meso Relics will be your reward for completing this quest. You’ll obtain Meso Relics after completing 10 waves. Then you can bounce and start over to get more. You can also earn Meso by completing Ukko’s T3 Void quest.


Xini on Eris is the mission. It’s an Interception Mission, and Neo will undoubtedly be dropped throughout its rotation. You can also obtain Neo by completing the Ukko the T3 Void assignment.


Xini is on Eris on a mission. You will be able to obtain Axi Relics after completing this quest. Instead, both Neo and Axi Relics will be found in this area. You can also try Apollo on Lua to get Axi. That’s all there is to it when it comes to getting Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe. If you need help getting Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe, check out our guide.

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Last Update: February 2, 2022